Metaphysical Meaning of Various Diseases

The following classification of symptoms according to the various parts of the body should help in understanding single symptom is also a part of larger process. In reality, physical, mental, psychological divisions does not exist, because all these are inter related and man should be regarded as whole (Holistic health).

Brain: The right hemisphere of the brain predominantly controls the functions of the left half of the body and also has to do with faculties such as holistic understanding, creativity, feeling, intuition, sense of space and music. The right hemisphere also corresponds to the Yen of the Chinese as well as the moon, water, feminine aspects and the receptivity. The left hemisphere predominantly controls the right half of the body and has to do with the faculties of logic, analytical and rational thought, intelligence, language and mathematics. It also corresponds to the Chinese Yang, the sun, fire, masculine aspects and the principles of giving.

Epilipsy: During an epiliptic fit, a person lives out and releases suppressed energies and aggressions. The fit forces you to let yourself go. Accept the forces and give them a conscious look.

Concussion: A concussion is something which shakes up your whole means of thinking. Let go of your old ways of thinking and go within yourself. Give yourself the chance of integrating feeling and intuition into your life.

Headaches: Headaches are an indication of excessive tension. They are caused by strong external demands, excessive ambitiousness and striving for perfection or perpectual worrying. Accept what happens without judging it. This will release the tension and create space for peace, love and joy.

Migraine: Attacks of migraine indicates resistance against the flow of life. They arise out of the conflict between man’s intellect and aware of your sexuality and all the other energies you have within you.

Hair Problems: Your hair is a symbol of freedom, strength and power. If you have a problem with your hair, ask yourself what it is you really want to do, regardless of what other people expect of you. If you find the courage to be true to yourself, you may regain your joy of living and sense of freedom and strength – as well as your hair.

Eye Problems In General: Our eyes are windows to the world and mirrors of our souls. They receive impressions and reflect in turn what we perceive. If you have problems with your eyes, you should ask yourself what it is that you do not want to see and your are closing your eyes to. Perfect clarity lies in the depths of your consciousness and it is here that you will be able to find both light and truth. Look within yourself, before turning your eyes to the world. In this way you will be able to form a different perspective of the things about you.

Glaucoma: is the result of increased intraocular pressure. Pressure caused by the tears that have not been shed and the feelings that have been hurt. Admit to your grief and let the tears flow.

Shortsightedness: You regard everything from your own point of view. What you see around you will teach you a lot about yourself and help you achieve more maturity.

Far-Sightedness: Far-sightedness usually occurs in old age. It is an indication for us to see life as a whole and not remain caught up in trivialities. Follow the advice your eyes are giving you.

Squinting: Is a kind of one-sided vision, where you see everything from one point of view. You must try to get to know the other side of things and above all you must learn to accept.

Sinus Problems: Indicates that someone close to you is irritating you. Observe the way you react and accept it.

Earache: This complaint is caused by a conflict, which is not being lived out. In this instance the conflict has to don with obedience.

General Mouth Complaints: Indicates a certain inability to take in new impressions and ideas. Learn to welcome unknown ideas and concepts and be prepared to accept the new. Become more flexible and open.

Teeth Problems In General, Including Tooth Decay: Indicates great difficulty in expressing your aggressions and the assertive side of yourself. You often have difficulty making decisions and suppress your natural aggressions for fear of losing love and recognition. Accept your aggressions and allow them to take place within you without condemning them.

General Problems Of The Gums: Gums are the basis of the teeth. Problems with the gums indicate incapacity in this area, fear of losing love, you are touchy and vulnerable and you don’t have the courage to crack hard nuts. As soon as you love and accept yourself, you will no longer be dependent on the love of other people and you will find the strength to realise your own wishes.

General Throat Problems: Indicate not wanting or not being able to swallow something. They can also draw your attention to the fact that you have swallowed down anger, hurt, feelings etc., which you did not want to express.

Hoarseness (Laryngitis): You are forced to withdraw from communication and confrontation. Caused by fear of being rejected. Learn to express your resentment and anger. Take a rest, be alone for a while and look within yourself more. Once you can speak with love and trust again, you will no longer need to lose your voice.

Tonsillitis: Tonsillitis is an indication of an acute conflict, which has been suppressed. Accept your feelings and your anger and take a look at your fear, too. With time, these feelings will cease to frighten you, and you will become open and free again.

Difficulties In Swallowing: What is you cannot or do not want to swallow. Accept your limitations. Just be yourself and you will find it easier to swallow.

Asthma: You take in a lot of air but you have difficulty letting it out. Because you give out so little. All that life has to offer is already present within you; It is only your present state of consciousness, your fear of not getting enough, which separates you from this knowledge. Give what you already have to others, and new life will start to flow in you again.

Bronchitis: Indicates acute conflict and anger, or upset in the family or your immediate surroundings. Cough indicates that there is something that you unconsciously want to get rid of. Make peace with yourself and live in joy.

Pneumonia: Is a sign that the process of communication with life including the nonmaterial ones, is disturbed. You are caught up in a conflict with your ego. Breathe in the breath of life again.

Heart Attack: Indicates the release of a great accumulation of aggressive energy which has not been lived out. Take a conscious look at the pressure chamber of your non-lived-out emotions. Open up your heart to yourself and others and save yourself from having to have a heart attack.

Heart Problems In General: Emotional problems and lack of joy as well as rejection of life or in the belief that life is a fight for survival.

Anemia: Indicates a lack of joy and strength and a non-dynamic approach to life. Its time you changed your inner attitude from “Yes, but” into a wholehearted “YES”.

High Blood Pressure: High B.P. arises when you have not expressed your thoughts and emotions over a long period of time. Take a good look at your problems and at whatever else is annoying you. Feel your way into them and live them out without holding onto anything.

Low Blood Pressure: Indication that you try to avoid facing problems. Be honest to yourself, you will find that you will be able to life and its responsibilities.

Stomach Complaints In General: Stomach stands for reception and digestion of impression. This in turn requires an attitude of openness, acceptance and devotion. If someone has banned the capacity for feeling from his conscious life, his stomach will have to live out his emotions instead.

Lack Of Appetite: Indication that you are afraid of new impressions and that you refuse to accept the process of digestion that goes along with them. Try to increase your inner capacity for receiving impressions and your appetite will improve of itself.

Gastrioc Ulcers: Occur when a person cannot vent his feelings and aggressions and turns them on himself instead. Accept your feelings and stop avoiding conflicts.

Heartburn: If you swallow your anger again and again, your gastric juices will become very acid and in an unconscious attempt to give vent to your feelings, and the result is heartburn. Realise that there is a meaning to everything in life, including the way you react. Understanding this will give you a feeling of trust and security which will help you express your needs and anger.

Nausea (And Vomiting): Nausea always indicates rejection of something we find too hard to digest Be a little more conscious of what you take in and make sure that it is digestible.

Constipation: Constipation is a striking manifestation of a psychological problem on the physical level. It often has to do with greediness and stringiness and your wanting to hold onto things, usually material things. Let go of the past and of your stringiness, leave outlived ideals behind you and stop repressing things which you find uncomfortable to deal with.

Diabetes: At the root of this disease is frequently a wish for love, paired at the same time with the inability to let oneself be loved. Hyperacidity is the result, for those who do not love turn sour while those who cannot enjoy are no joy to have around. You are lacking in the sweetness of life and yearn for the love you are unable to give. Let go of the past and accept that fun and games and love and affection are fundamental basics of life.

Impotency: Problems pertaining to potency always have to do with fear of letting go and loosing control, as well as fear of repressed psychological contents. The necessary energy is kept in the head instead of going to where it is needed. There will often be feelings of sexual pressure and tension, as well as ones of guilt, and some even feel, spite against an earlier partner. Sex has nothing to do with the intellect.

Menstrual Complaints (In General): Menstrual complaints are an inner protest against true devotion and an unconscious resistance against femininity, sex and the mail partner. There are often feelings of guilt, and sexuality is regarded as being something sinful and unclean. Become aware of the beauty and strength that lie in being a woman and accept your femininity.

Acne (Pimples) : If you suffer from acne, it is sign that something inside you, which you have been suppressing out of fear, insecurity or shame, is trying to break through and become visible. If you are a teenager, it is possible that you are suppressing your sexuality out of fear of the unknown, for acne is a sign of unconscious resistance to close contact with others, even if this is what you are yearning for. This manifestation of your inner conflicts a hint to overcome the boundaries set by your ego and find someone you can be close to.

Psoriasis: Psoriasis is a symptom manifests a yearning for closeness and, at the same time a fear of intimacy. This is true for sensitive people who out of fear of emotional injury builds and armor.

Arthritis (In General): Arthritis forces you to rest and compensate for over-activity on a physical level, for inwardly you have become rigid, hard-headed and stubborn. Perhaps you are also overly moralistic and fastidious. Bitterness, resentment and ill humor will be the results.

Slipped Disks (Disk Protrusion) : This condition shows a certain indecision which is often associated with the feeling of not getting enough emotional support. Perhaps you have taken on too much in your search for love and recognition, now you find yourself under considerable pressure. Arrange things anew to come out of your problem.

Leg Problem (In General): With the help of our legs we stride towards the future, and if you are afraid of the future, or believe that your life cannot go on this way, without admitting it to yourself your legs will start to make themselves felt and hold you upon your further progress. Go within find peace and strength and take necessary steps.

Scatica (Lumbago): Sciatica complaints prevent activity and force you to take more rest. Apparently you are overburdened and, in many cases, this complaint involves a certain fear of the future as well as financial worries. Accept yourself and life without passing judgements, then you will discover relief.

Knee Problems (In General): If pride, stubbornness, egotism or unconscious fears prevent you from submitting and yielding at times, this might result in stiff and inflexible knees. Learn more tolerance and sympathy and learn to forgive.

Neck Complaints : The person with neck complaint often refuses to  regard a matter from different point of view and are usually unaware of their selfishness, rigidity and stubbornness. Learn to be more flexible and tolerant.

Back Complaints (In General): Back stands for support, and if you are over burdened (financial, material worries, fear of future regarding money) and have a feeling of not receiving enough support, back pain is the result. Leave limited ego feeling open yourself to existence for support.

Colds: Cold indicates stagnant conflict is beginning to loosen up and that certain blocked-up channels are ready to flow again. Cold rids your body of toxins. Spend some quite time as possible to rest.

Fever: Fever indicates a state of excitement, of burning anger which has not been dealt with and which is now manifested on the physical level. Accept the pleasant side of life and radiate genuine love.

Nervousness: Nervousness indicates a lack of inner peace and tranquility, which is the result of excessive haste, anxiety. Learn to trust the flow of life, and remember that you are on a never ending path to eternity, so there’s no need to hurry.

Insomia: Falling asleep in an act of trust which demands the ability to let go of activity and control and open oneself up to the unknown. Things, which are suppressed during the day, rise out of unconsciousness during the night. People who have difficulty falling asleep for they are not willing and capable of letting go. Do not think of the coming day, and end your day properly and prepare for the night.

Addiction: addition always involves a search for fulfillment, which you are not able to achieve with your own strength and so you turn to a substitute. There are many meditation techniques that will help you.

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2 thoughts on “Metaphysical Meaning of Various Diseases

  1. dipali

    We are what we think. Positive & creative thoughts heal, while negative & depressing thoughts develop disease by filling the bodies with poisons. We are as healthy & as happy as we wish to be. Positive autosuggestion works wonders in the field of health. Real healing takes place only from within through the inner vital force, the unlimited self- healing capacities of which can be effectively invoked by the auto suggestion when the mind is peaceful & quiet one can make one’s thoughts work for one’s health through auto- suggestion.

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  2. M Bhuta

    I have read various topics included in the blog. Good Attempt.

    A Healer usually focuses on preventing illness by suggesting ways for patients to improve their lifestyle, including diet and exercise. However, if you’re currently experiencing health problems, healers have numerous non-invasive, natural ways of treating them. They rely on herbal medicine, nutrition, dietary supplements, acupressure, magnet, Panch-karma, yoga & pranayam and counseling to help you make positive improvements in your life.




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