Holistic Healing

Mind & body constitute one integral system. Mind influences every cell of the body. Medical circles all over the world testify that thought have unbelievable effect on health and that most of the ailments of the civilized man proceed from his within. Ill -health is only a projection of the internal conflict on the physical plane, similar to the projection of a film on a cinema screen. What is outside is only a reflection of what is within. Disease on the physical plane is the result of want of ease on the mental plane. Disease is the antithesis of ease.

Most of the bodily ailments originate from the mind’s habit of brooding over the past or anticipation the future. The tendency to trespass into the past & future and excessive thinking results in hurry, worry, anxiety, anger, envy, jealousy & fear, which poison the system & lead to ill health. Just as we lock & unlock a drawer with the same key to also mind, which creates ill-health can also create good health. Powerful and mighty is the human kind, which builds as well as destroys one’s health. Every ill does not require a pill carrying the risk of reaction, side effects & after effects. Self-healing through miraculous powers of one’s mind is the safest & most effective as it eliminates the root cause of the problem. Each thought is a form of energy with definite rate of vibration and possesses great powers. Positive & peaceful thoughts with finer vibrations create good health, while negative & depressing thoughts with coarser vibrations create ill-health. Health depends upon the quality and nature of one’s thoughts and the wave-length of their vibrations. Man creates his own heaven out of love, peace, joy, calmness, self-confidence and his own hell out of anger, jealousy, fear and unfavorable judgment of others. A merry and cheerful heart does the good of medicine cheerful and peaceful thinking is the real architect of good health. Man essentially is a personification of cheerfulness. “smile-the worlds smiles with you, weep-you weep alone.” The universe pays back every person in his own coin. Cheerfulness, harmony, serenity, love & compassion harmonies the physical vibration contributing to good health. Anger, jealousy, fear and worry which do great harm to one’s heart, blood stream and nerves by generating disharmonious vibration in the body are only disturbed feelings caused by one’s own responses to outside events and not due to any external stimuli. Peaceful thoughts, contented and happy mind are life lengtheners.

Minimum thought & minimum words conserve a lot of energy and contribute to better health. Non-stop aimless thinking is a major cause of ill-health. Thought has been used only as and when necessary just as a lawyer takes off his gown after completing the court work. One has to give up the unhealthy habit of incessant internal dialogue & non-stop chatter of the mind. In the words of Oscar wiled, “ over thinking is the most unhealthy thing in the world & people die of it just as they die of any other disease.” The remedy for excessive thinking is to shift one’s attention from the object to the subject, from the thoughts to the thinker & turn the outgoing minds inwards forwards the inner wonderland of silence & stillness where one can experience the pure joy of ‘thought-free’ mind.

Full attention & awareness on the present moment, which is a fountain of joy, liberates one from worries of the dead & cares of the unborn future. Consider past as past & live in the present. Leave tomorrow till tomorrow. The key to sound health is to live in the blissful present moment fully alert, awake, active and dynamic with awareness of the divine presence within, leaving no scope what severs to yesterday’s bitter memories or tomorrow’s anxious cares.

Haste leads to waste. Hurry leads to worry. Calmness is power. If one speaks or acts with pure, calm & cool mind, health & happiness follow one as a shadow. In a calm and restful tranquility, all sorrows are destroyed. When the mind is peaceful there is joy. One has to maintain equilibrium of mind under the stress of any external circumstances which come & go like the clouds in the breeze. Learning to see life more as a game without being serious about trivialities takes away one’s burdens. The best protection against hurry & worry is to plan the activities of the day early. Morning when the mind is clear, calm & cool and carryout the same in a systemic and relaxed way according to the priorities & avoid tension & fatigue at all costs. By meeting problems with prompt decisions & introducing calmness, confidence, enthusiasm, vigor and cheer in the work on hand, one can eliminate hurry, worry and indecisions & convert work into joyful play. The key to derive joy & happiness in life is to have calmness, sweetness & kindness in thought, word & deed and observe patience & tolerance and entertain loving feelings of others in one’s interactions in the world.

Living in worry invites death in hurry. Work kills none-but worry kills multitude. Worry is terrible but is only imaginary. Let one keep himself busy by employing his full time well in some useful tasks without leaving any time to worry. If one ceases to identify oneself with the fleeting & passing conditions, one can experience perpetual joy. There is really nothing to worry as things are bound to change, for change is the law of nature. An understanding that in this world everything need not happen according to our expectations as we are onlypart of the totality of the functioning of the universe will help us see things in a different way and establish oneself in an undisturbed state of mental peace in the presence of changing events that keep up a non-stop dance around us.

The best way to maintain peace of mind is to avoid fault finding with others & to fill everyday with kind thoughts, words and deeds, which radiate happiness to one and all. In the universe where the same divine content exists everywhere, man’s thoughts, words & deeds return to him sooner or later with astounding accuracy. Our body and mind are a part of the cosmic universe. So we keep exactly what we sow. If one entertains pure & noble thoughts & extends good wishes to all & starts looking only into the good qualities of others & learns to like people & admire the achievements of others one can easily conquer hatred & jealousy. Happiness is more a matter of attitude of mind. Happiness is an inside job. Let us cultivate the habit of joy and happiness. Let us count our blessing. Contentment is the key to happiness. Let us be contented with whatever we get by accepting it as a divine gift. Most of our unhappiness is the result of comparing ourselves with others.

Research scientists of Harvard medical school identified anger as the main cause of heart attack. Emotional imbalance is the prominent cause of heart attack. Anger is mental carcinoma & its evil effects are more dangerous, raises the toxins in blood, shatters the entire working system & ages a person quickly. By filling the mind with thoughts of love and joy, speaking sweetly, softly & pleasantly & reflecting on the consequence of anger vis-a- vis benefits of patience, one can control anger by forgiveness & tolerance. The remedy to counter act a threatening fit of anger is to change the breathing process. Watching the breath is watching the mind, which give instant relief from anger, anxiety & tension. With deep breathing, mind becomes more alert because of more oxygen in the body & in such an alert moment anger disappears. It is quite impossible to feel exited or irritable if one breathes slowly & steadily. Slow, deep and gentle breathing gives protection from blood-pressure, fear and irritability. According to latest medical research report, anger & irritability head the list of factors contributing to becoming prematurely old. Avoid anger which is only a letter short of danger. By discarding anger one can keep from ageing away & enjoy perpetual youth.

The key to joy & happiness is to do, wherever possible, a good deed which brings a smile of joy to the face of another. “ help ever-hurt never by thought, word for deed.” Wish health and happiness to one and all as the same divine essence exists everywhere. Happiness is man’s birth right. Man exists to be happy. Abc of life is always be calm and cheerful.

Fear is the greatest obstacle to one’s peace of mind. Fear corrodes the aroma and panorama of life, saps the vital energy & causes immediate deterioration of health. Most of the fears are really unfounded. Fear is mostly imaginary & arises out of weak mind. The way out is to strengthen the mind with the firm conviction & awareness of one’s divine essence, so as to face all situations in life with calmness, courage, serenity, equanimity & grace. Whenever any mental disorder like anger revengefear is likely to arise it needs to be promptly counter- acted by the appropriate anti-dote like tolerance forgiveness courage & clear understanding in order to maintain the inherent peace & joy in all situations of life. Absolute faith in the divine protection at all times makes fear & worry & impossibility. Unreserved love & compassion leaves no room for hate, anger, envy for jealousy.

Each one is equipped with a quiet, calm, serence peaceful center within, & one can retreat to the stillness & silence there & enjoy bliss & joy & refresh & revitalize oneself. As the real metropolis of bliss is within, the more one anchors one’s mental attention within to the inner spring of joy & quiet, without living on the periphery of disturbances, the greater shall be one’s health. Breath can be used as a bridge to reach the calm center outgoing breath as a silent spectator & detached observer, which helps in maintainingslow, deep & rhythmic breath. Outside is the worlds of activity full of restlessness & inside is the world of being full of light, delight & quietitude. Though outwardly, one is engaged in incessant activity, inwardly one’s attention can be focused on the inner peace & joy so as to remain ever peaceful & joyful in all situations & view the outside activities from the standpoint of the inner poise & calmness.

One alone can destroy his peace & poise of mind & not any external agent. Even seemingly adverse situations can be changed for the better by maintaining calmness & serenity. The chief obstacle to one’s health & happiness is wrong thinking. Thought is the key to all treasure. Man is not a creature of circumstances. The concept of victimization events or persons is purely a trick of the mind leading to negative thinking. A rose lives among thorns without being injured by them. So also one can remain untroubled in this troubled world by proper control of one’s reactions & responses to external events. When one cannot change a event one has to change one’s attitude & outlook. Experiences of joy is possible under all circumstances & situations of life. Scriptures declare that no one can take away our joy & peace from us & that we have to rejoice & be happy every moment. Be optimistic by looking only at the positive & sunny side of everything. Smile reflects inner beauty. A smiling face is a joy forever. A smile is worth a thousand words. Smiling eyes scatter more rays of joy than precious diamond. It diffuses tension, eases the atmosphere & brings people closer. A smile is the shortest distance between two persons. A cheerful & pleasant attitude& positive outlook livens up every situation. Always wear a smile with a cheerful countenance & give everyone a beautiful smile.

We are what we think. Positive & creative thoughts heal, while negative & depressing thoughts develop disease by filling the bodies with poisons. We are as healthy & as happy as we wish to be. Positive autosuggestion works wonders in the field of health. Real healing takes place only from within through the inner vital force, the unlimited self- healing capacities of which can be effectively invoked by the auto suggestion when the mind is peaceful & quiet one can make one’s thoughts work for one’s health through auto- suggestion. One can tune with the inner vital force only with a mind full of peace, poise & quiet. Edison, the world famous inventor discovered from his experience, the situations to unsolved problems, just flash at a moment, when the mind is quiet & relaxed through inspirations. Mind can be programmed in a positive way by keeping one’s kind calm, body relaxed & breath slow & making a whole- hearted suggestion at bed time that one’s health is improving day by day in every way so that the all powerful sub- conscious mind with its illness potential of self- healing can carryout the suggestion to achieve perfect health. Let us avoid anticipating any problem in our health. If we look for illness, it will be sure to come through the psychosomatic route. One literally ‘think’ himself sick. One can also ‘think’ himself well. The practice of deep breathing at frequent intervals with auto-suggestion that one is in the best of health is highly beneficial. Sound health conditions have to be first established in the mind before they are reflected in the body. The real cure is effected by flooding the body with healthy, harmonious & finer vibrations in the presence of which disease melts away as snow & darkness vanishes in the sunshine. In the process of holistic healing one is brought nearer to soul which emanates peace & joy and relieves all sufferings.

Breath & mind are twins having intimate inter- connection with each other, as horse & rider, play a major role in maintenance of sound health. Mind constantly wanders & jumps on various matters. Breath has only one channel of movement, viz, inflow & outflow. Mind has multi- channel of movements having more channels that of the latest t.v. as breath is the master of the mind, mastery over mind can be accomplished through mastery over breath. As the breath flows, so the mind moves. When the mind moves slowly, deeply & rhythmically, mind becomes calm, quiet & serene. During anxiety, stress or depression, the body’s first reaction is shallow breathing, drastically reducing the oxygen supply to the brain with the result, one beings to feel shaky & nervous. Deep breathing reverses this process & restores adequate oxygen supply to the brain, reduces blood pressure, increases confidence & relaxes all the muscles. Normally, man breath 15 times a minute which will come down to around 10 per minute as a result of slow & deep breathing. According to yoga teachings, each one is allotted with a fixed number of breaths for one’s life- span & slow, deep& rhythmic breathing contributes to longevity, as there is a close relationship between the breathing rate and life- span. While pulling the shoulder blades together, one has to breath gently, calmly, slowly, smoothly, deeply, evenly & rhythmically. When inhalation & exhalation become steady, even and uniform, the breath becomes rhythmic creating harmony through one’s entire system, like a musical rhythm. By slow, gentle, deep and rhythmic breathing, one acquires greater self- confidence, calmness & peace & poise of mind. The practice of slow, deep and rhythmic breathing, focusing mental attention on harmony & balance & freshness of pleasant sentiments and inspiring thoughts in all situations enables one to recharge the inner vital force with self- healing like energy & to enjoy radiant health.

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