A Word For A Group Of Word

  1. One who eats everything – Omnivorous
  2. The study of animal – Biology
  3. A paper written by hand – Menuscript
  4. A play ending unhappily – tragedy
  5. Government by a king – Monarchy
  6. Unable to read & write – Blind/ Illiterate
  7. One who is fond of talking – Talkative
  8. A carriage which serves as a movable hospital – Ambulance
  9. The study of the life & culture of the ancient peoples – history
  10. Rearing of silk worms for the production of silk – Sericulture
  11. An instrument used by doctors for listening to the beating of the heart – Stethoscope
  12. One who lives on vegetable – Vegetarian
  13. Capable of being read – Literate
  14. An instrument for recording atmospheric pressureBarometer
  15. A person who eats too much –
  16. A state of high blood pressure – High Pressure
  17. Extermination of a race or community by mass number – Genocide
  18. Stealing from the writing of another – cheating
  19. Such as cannot be repaired – Obsolete
  20. Fond of company of others – Sociable
  21. One who delights in inflicting pain on other – Sadist
  22. Act of general pardon – Amnesty
  23. One who is unduly careful of his health –
  24. No longer in use – Obsolete
  25. One who walks on foot – Pedestrian
  26. Play ending happily – Comedy
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