Similar Words

Similar Words
1 a) Accept to approve of, to receive
b) Except to leave out the object
2 a) Access approach, admission
b) Excess what is over and above, intemperance
3 a) Ass donkey
b) Ash remains of anything burnt
c) Ace single mark on dice or cards
4 a) Age period of time, maturity of years, generation, period of history
b) Edge margin, border, sharp side of cutting instrument
5 a) Pen instrument for writing, enclosure for cattle
b) Pain bodily or mental distress
c) Pane sheet of glass in window
6 a) measure to find size, quantity, etc.
b) Major greater, of full age, officer in army
7 a) aery nest of bird of prey (Aerie)
b) Airy like air
8 a) Week a period of seven days
b) Wick twisted cotton thread which burns in candle or lamp
c) Weak feeble
9 a) Dew water vapours as air gets cool
b) Due owing, proper, what is owed
10 a) New lately made, fresh
b) Knew past tense of know
11 a) Know to recognize, to be acquainted with
b) No nothing
12 a) Ante in sense of ‘before’
b) Anti in sense of ‘against’
13 a) Arc part of circumference of circle
b) Arch chief’
14 a) Ascent upward movement, rise
b) Assent to agree, to consent, to admit as true.
15 a) Aver to declare positively
b) Ever sometimes
16 a) Back hinder part of body, reverse
b) Beck
c) Bake to dry in sun, to cook in oven or in fire
17 a) Bit small piece
b) Beat to defeat, stroke on drum.
18 a) Bag
b) Beg to ask for alms, to entreat
19 a) Band flat strip of material for binding of ornament, robbers
b) Bend
20 a) Be to exist, to remain, to live
b) Bee insect which produces honey and wax
21 a) Bat one type of bird
b) Bet wager, to stake
22 a) Bettor one who bets
b) Better of superior value
23 a) Bi in sense of ‘two’, ‘twice’
b) By near, through, in company
c) Bye subordinate, secondary, in sense of ‘good bye’
d) Buy to purchase
24 a) Bo used to startle
b) Bow to bend, necktie, fiddle stick, rainbow, instrument for shooting arrows
25 a) Born brought forth
b) Borne past participle of Bear
26 a) Braid band for hair, plait, kind of lace
b) Bread
c) Bred past participle of Breed
27 a) Break to divide into pieces by force, to interrupt
b) Brake thicket, appliance for lessening speed of carriage, stop
28 a) Breeze gentle wind
b) Bridge structure carrying road across stream bony part of nose, kind of card game.
29 a) Buoy anchored float for marking position in water
b) Boy make child
30 a) But except
b) Butt thick end of gun, mark for shooting, object of ridicule
31 a) Cake kind of sweet, piece
b) Keck to make sound as if to vomit
32 a) Cage enclosure for birds
b) Kedge small anchor
33 a) Catch to seize, to grasp, to draw or arrest, to understand, to reach in time
b) Ketch small twomasted ship
34 a) Cell small room or cavity, dicision of electric battery, minute mass of living matter
b) Sell to dispose of in exchange for money, to betray
35 a) Cease to stop, to come to an end
b) Seize to catch, to apprehend, to be attacked, to take possession of
36 a) Chaste virgin, pure, virtotous, refind, simple
b) Chest large box, thorax
37 a) Chase to pursue, to hunt, to drive away, to engrave
b) Chess game for two players played on board with 32 pieces
38 a) Cheque written order to banker for money
b) Check to stop, to reezamine, to chide
39 a) Cession ceding up
b) Session sitting of court or assembly for transaction of business, meeting, school year
40 a) Cheat to deceive
b) Chit small piece of paper
41 a) Cite to quote, to summon to attend court
b) Sight view, act or power of seeing objects worth seeing
c) Site place of or for building
42 a) Cloak loose upper garments, that which conceals, pretext
b) Clock watch
43 a) Coast seashore
b) Cost price
44 a) Coat man’s upper garments, layer of pant
b) Cot bed for children
c) Caught to catch
45 a) Czar little of late emperors of Russia (Jzar)
b) Jar big vessel of clay or glass
46 a) Dace small fresh water fish
b) Dais raised platform
47 a) Date time when event happened, date palm
b) Debt sum own to person
48 a) Die to cease to live, small cube used in gaming
b) Dye colour, hue, to stain, to give coloue to
49 a) Dane native of Denmark
b) Den lair of wild beasts
50 a) Desert to leave, to forsake, barren tract
b) Dessert fruits, sweetmeats etc. eaten after dinner
51 a) Dose amount of medicines taken by patient at a time
b) Doze to sleep lightly, short nap
c) Dodge trick, quibble
52 a) Done
b) Dun dark brownish
53 a) Eager earnest, impatient, ardent
b) Eagre large tidal wave
54 a) Ago past, gone by
b) Ego conscious subject, spirit
55 a) And connecting words end clauses
b) End close, death, consquence, extremity, limit
56 a) Ere before, sooner than
b) Err to make mistakes, to wander from right path
57 a) Fain glad
b) Fan rotating apparatus giving current of air
58 a) Fair handsome just
b) Fare cost of conveying, food
59 a) Fool silly person, jester
b) Full whole, filled up, entirely
60 a) Fore front or before
b) Four one more than three
61 a) Franc french silver coin
b) Frank unrestrained, free spoken
62 a) Freight hire of ship, cargo, burden
b) Fret worry, ornamental work
63 a) Freeze to be chilled
b) Frieze ornamental work near ceiling of room
64 a) Gauze standard measure, distance between railway lines, estimate
b) Gaze fixed look
65 a) Gray ashy
b) Grey aged, of mixed light black & white colour
66 a) Hail frozen rain, expressing greeting
b) Hell abode of condemned spirit
67 a) Hair dry filament growing on skin of animal bodies
b) Hare small timid quadruped
68 a) Haul to pull with force
b) Hall large room
69 a) Haven harbour, place of refuge
b) Heaven where the god lives, opposite of ‘hell’
70 a) Hear to listen
b) Here in or at this place
71 a) Hole hollow place
b) Whole entire
72 a) In within, inside, during
b) Inn lodging place for travellers
73 a) Knight soldier, champion, title of rank below Baront
b) Night darkness, time from sunset to sunrise
74 a) Knot tie, difficulty, group of persons, 6080 ft.
b) Not nothing
c) Naught nothing, cipher (zero)
75 a) Lade to load
b) Laid placed
76 a) Later subsequent
b) Letter written message
77 a) Lea meadow
b) Lee direction towards which wind is blowing
78 a) Lazar leper
b) Leisure spare time
79 a) Lo Look Behold See
b) Low not high
80 a) Made to construct
b) Maid young unmarried woman, girl, female servant
81 a) Miner one who works in mine
b) Minor smaller, less important, under-aged person
82 a) Odd not even, strange, peculiar
b) Ode Song, lyric-poem
83 a) Weight heaviness, burden
b) Wet containing water, rainy
c) Wait to stay
84 a) Gist Summary, precis, substance
b) Xyst covered or open portico for athletic exercise
85 a) Yoke frame of wood placed on necks of oxen
b) Yolk yellow part of egg
86 a) Yore old time
b) Your belonging to you
87 a) Vain unless, unreal
b) Vein vessel or tube in animal bodies conveying blood to heart, rib of leaf
88 a) Piece part
b) Peace quiet
89 a) Pail open vessel for liquids
b) Pale fence, yellow, dim
90 a) Pall cloak, cloth spread over coffin
b) Paul Name of person
91 a) Patrol Guard, to go round on beat of watch
b) Petrol mineral oil
92 a) Peak mountain top
b) Peek to look slyly
93 a) Paste mixture of flour and water
b) Pest plague, destructive thing
94 a) Pore small hole in soil strata, minute opening of skin
b) Pour to cause to flow
95 a) Practice habitual action, performance
b) Practise to put in practice, to do repeatedly
96 a) Pray to sing hymns of God, to entreat, to beg
b) Prey hunted animal, victim, borty
97 a) Raise to lift, to rouse, to stir up, to increase
b) Raze to erase, to scratch, to level (building etc.)
c) Rase
98 a) Read to study, to understand
b) Rede advice
c) Reed musical pipe, mental tounge of harmonium etc
99 a) Reigh rule, diminion, to govern
b) Rain showers
c) Rein strap of bridle
100 a) Some little, about
b) Sum total, arithmetical problem, amount of money
101 a) Sea ocean, large lake or wave
b) See look, to discern objects with eggs
102 a) Sew to drain off
b0 Sue to prosecute, to plead
103 a) So therefore
b) Sow female pig, to scatter seeds for growth
104 a) Stair set of steps for ascending
b) Stare to gaze intently
105 a) Steal to take away another’s property secretly
b) Steel iron hardened by combination with carbon, sternness, hardness
106 a) Son male child
b) Sun center of planetary system, sunshine
108 a) Tale story
b) Tail appendage at end of backbone of animal, back part of anything
c) Tell to say, to give account of
109 a) Taste to try or perceive by tongue or palate
b) Test to examine, to try
110 a) There in that place
b) Their of them
111 a) Travail hard labours, severe pain of childbirth
b) Travel to go from one place to another, journey
112 a) Too also, more than enough
b) Two one & one
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