100% Attitude

There is little difference between people; that little difference is attitude, but the big difference is whether it is positive or negative.

Attitudes are merely habits of the mind that can be changed. They are the influences of past associations and experiences. Once we develop these habits, they envelop us.

People are always what they are because of their attitude and thoughts that engulf their mind. You can only become what your mental attitude allows you to be. If you continuously tell your self that you are not good at doing something, you will automatically restrict capabilities. That physiological barrier will remain until your attitude changes. Attitudes and habits tend to go together; change one and you automatically change the other. The importance of having a positive mental attitude is well illustrated by the following story. The municipal corporation of any metropolitan city decided to construct a 55-km underground tunnel linking the northern part of the city to the southern part, to ease the traffic Kingston in that highly traffic over populated city. Hence they called for tenders and different construction companies bid for the contract. Whilst the majority of the companies quoted in the region of Rs.40-50 crores, there was this company called Paresh-Mahesh Associates which quoted just 45 lakhs. Naturally corporation called them for technical discussions and on the appointed day, the two directors of the company stood before the panel of experts for the tunnel project.

During the interview, they were asked about the manpower of the company and the reply was “Two people Mahesh and Paresh”. When asked about the modus operandi, the reply was “Mahesh was start digging from the northern end and Paresh will dig from southern and when they met that would be the tunnel”

To which the corporation’s most brilliant engineer asked, “ What you if you don’t meet in the middle, what happens then? Paresh scratched his head for a second and then replied, (and this is the very epitome of positive thinking) “Why you have two tunnels for the cost of one”.

The above story, albeit in a light vein, perfectly demonstrates how your mind should be functioning. Paresh has his mind working positively and no wonder his company; Paresh Mahesh Associates bagged the contract. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to our progress is not the market, not the lack of opportunities or the state of country’s economy the major stumbling block is we. You have to decide whether you are a winner or a loser.

Losers usually live in the past or they live in dreamland of the future. Some typical loser sentences would start with “If only..” or “Some day I will..” or “I will get around to it..” Losers dwell on the past or greatly in to the future thereby expanding so much nervous energy that they invariably can’t cope with the present.

The winner lives for today and makes the present work for him. Winners are ready to make changes and solve problems. If a mistake is committed, the winner will invariably say, “The next time I will not commit the same mistake” instead of “If only …”.

The Pygmalion Effects

Research experiments have shown that people both, under and over – achieve, solely because of instructor’s expectations

Example: A classroom of children of identical age and I.Q. level was divided in to three groups, each with a teacher for three months. The first group teacher would continually berate the children and keep on telling them they were below average whilst the third group teacher kept on repeating to her children that they were really intelligent and certainly above average. After three months, a uniform test was conducted on all three groups and it was found that the majority of students from each group performed in accordance with what their teacher had described them to be.

The Placebo Effect

In medical science, it is well known fact that one’s mental attitude is powerful factor in healing process, best describe with the group experience given below. A group of people had a headache. A very famous doctor gave them a capsule ensuring them of fast relief. It was found that 35 % of the people felt better even though the capsule was a dummy.

Just as positive thinking gets positive results, negative thinking and expectations get negative results. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale says that it is very difficult to just “switch on” to positive thinking if especially if you are habitually a negative thinker. It won’t happen overnight. You need to work on yourself to think positively.

If we were assign number to each alphabet, starting from A=1, B=2, Till Z=26 and then substitute the values for the word ‘ATTITUDE’ we get a total of 100 Amazing isn’t it?

A=1, T=20, T=20, I=9, T=20, U=21, D=4, E=5

Therefore 100% effort, 100% planning, 100% yourself, always gives you 100% success.

In conclusion, let me share with you the following three gems from Zig Ziglar:

a)Your Attitude is more important than your aptitude

b)We can’t tailor-make the situations of the life, but we can tailor-make the attitude to fit them, before they arise.

c)We can alter our lives by altering our attitudes.

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