Cancer Love Compatibility

Cancer & Cancer

This combination can make a beautiful love out of their married life, because each will have a sympathetic understanding for the other’s moods, wishes desires, and needs. Though there are times were they can totally disagree, with each clinging to the experience and teaching of early childhood, each will understand the other. Both will have the tenacity of glue on paper, once its there it will be there regardless of peril. Each will give sympathetic consideration to this trait in the other, and they should have no trouble in finding constant bliss.

First thing you need to do is get a manual that tells you who goes first and on what night. Otherwise you are both going to just sit there and wonder. How “did” you two manage to get together anyway? Whose initiative was it and will he or she call again? A movie that needs a director! And by the way, try to avoid those emotional scenes, unless you really are acting.

Cancer & Leo

Usually this is a good combination, since the Moon (Cancer) reflects the light of the Sun (Leo). There is a lot to be said for these two, especially if Cancer will be happy reflecting the admirable Leonian personality. Leo’s huge heart will soon forgive the moody outbursts that Cancer shows from time to time and which result from the strong influence of the Moon, Cancer’s ruling planet. Cancer more than any other sign, responds to the moon’s aspects as it moves swiftly through the zodiac.

Cancer will feel a bit more enthused around Leo and will probably let Leo run things or at least let them think they are in charge and hey! What’s the difference. Leo will appreciate cancer’s attention and as long as cancer can forget that they feel neglected at times when leo is out running the world, there is a chance this could work.

Cancer & Virgo

Virgo’s demands may be a bit much for Cancer’s desire for peace and quiet. The full, affectionate libido of cancer will not be completely satisfied by Virgo’s direct approach to the practical matters at hand. Cancer is sentimental, reticent, and even shy about sex matters, and this can be very frustrating to the Virgo temperament. Once cancer goes into his shell, all the tongue lashing and nagging of Virgo will not bring him out. This could drive the Virgo mate into a state of hysteria.

However, there are good possibilities, with a few common aspects thrown in. Cancer will appreciate Virgo’s care and attention to detail, although they may not appreciate the critical eye of Virgo, especially when that criticism is aimed at cancer who takes things to heart as a rule. Virgo will appreciate the loyalty and sincerity of cancer, but will need to be a little more demonstrative and affectionate with cancer.

Cancer & Libra

Cancer is not temperamentally suited to cope with the freedom loving Libran. They could go for days of no recognition if they have a serious disagreement. Libra’s great desire for attention may bring on a period of sulking depression that could create a highly controversial situation. Though libra love’s justice and fair play, cancer has a tendency to tale advantage of all of these quality for his own private use.

On the positive side though, they could make it. Ruled by the moon and venus respectively, there is common ground here despite the fact that we have a water sign and an air. The sensitive cancer can rest assured that Libra is generally peace-loving and won’t often stir things up. Libra is also love loving as well and this should sit well with cancer. Libra will appreciate cancer’s loyalty and generosity.

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Cancer & Scorpio

Masterful Scorpio should make a good mate for quiet spoken cancer. While jealousy may plague both from time to time, their great mutual ability to love deeply will usually limit periods of dissension. Scorpio is well equipped to cope with cancerian moods. Excess energy, which Scorpio emanates, will act as strong tonic for cancer’s reticence. Scorpio and cancer could well prove the ideal marriage combination.

Both are ruled by the emotions and both are water signs. Can be very constructive or very distructive depending on the next wave.

Cancer & Sagittarius

Problems could be the word for the day should these two decide to get married, unless each one is willing to attempt a complete change of their star-predicted personalities. Cancer admires everything about the Sagittarian– here lies the problem, once the cancer has captured the busy footed, roving eyed Sagittarian , he or she will find it a “more than I bargained for proposition”. Cancer is not going to keep the Sagittarius partner close to the hearth. Cancer’s home is his castle, but for the Sagittarius home is just a place to hang his hat. Be careful with this combination.

A water and fire combination. There is a vast difference in natures here and the likelihood of being compatible is all but impossible, unless there are mitigating aspects in other areas of their charts. Sagittarius is outgoing and forthright which will make cancer uneasy. Cancer is too needy for Sagittarius. On the good side, they are both generous people.

Cancer & Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn are 180 degrees in opposition from each other astrologically speaking, but it need not be true in life. Both signs have plenty in common. The cancer’s great sympathy and understanding is honey to the capricorn’s misunderstood complaints. Both have a tendency to plod along until they get what they want. Capricorn has the ability to make cancer’s dream come true, while cancer is happy wishing for and wanting the success and security that the Capricorn mate strives for.

The elements of water and earth go well together but these are zodiac opposites you can expect both side of the coin. You’ll have to take the good with the bad and there will be plenty of both. Capricorn lacks the warmth and sentiment that cancer requires.

Cancer & Aquarius

The social side of the Aquarian may prove to be too much for the home bodied Cancer. Aquarian’s love to share their life stories with the world while cancer is satisfied to concentrate on personal obligations. Cancer have a conservative taste; Aquarius taste are usually the opposite. The eccentricity of Uranus does not go well with the moods of Luna. Odds against this combination are too great for this combination, unless one will become subservient to the other.

Aquarius has a need to be independent and often appears detached in a close relationship and will appear more so to cancer. Don’t get me wrong, Aquarius need to loved too, they just exhibit more of a universal love than personal and when push comes to shove they’ll take the world anytime.

Cancer & Pisces

The sentimental combination of these two signs makes for an ideal marriage. Although both will have their moments of gloom and doom, they will soon come out in the sunshine and forgive and forget. Lover’s quarrels are frequent, but the making up is bliss. Both cherish home, possessions, and friends and there will be mutual effort to fulfill all obligations.

Cancer and Pisces are just made for each other.  These two are so much alike in nature that you’d have some difficulty telling them apart. They are both romantic, needs to love and be loved and can probably communicate to each other without speaking or making facial gestures. In fact they probably didn’t even read this because they already knew they were meant to be together.

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