People born in the year of the dog are amongst the finest citizens that a country can boast. They are truly worthwhile characters and yet they tend to underestimate themselves and never realise quite how much they are loved. Dogs are renowned for their friendly, open natures yet at the same time they are not easy to get to know. Meeting strangers for the first time they remain affable but distant.  People born under this son are cautious with their trust. They stand back and weigh things up, before coming to a decision. They rely on instinct a great deal when they are judging character and they are wise to do so because instincts are always nearly correct.

A Dog would lay down his life for his friend and he wouldn’t expect that friend to be perfect either. As long as in the Dog’s eyes the person was a “good sort” deep down, he could get away with murder before the dog would change his view or let him down.

Yet dogs are not saints by any means. They can suffer bouts of melancholy, flashes of temper and find something to worry about in the most fortunate of circumstances. But for all this there is something solid and comforting about these types.

The Dog personality is loyal, just and noble. Thoughtful and capable, the Dog will exhibit an amiable disposition and always hold an open ear. The Dog’s extraordinary insight and cooperation can finely tune and distinguish the good from the evil. Stability earmarked with a penchant to endure suffering, the Dog’s allegiance can compare to none.

On negative side, they are not good at socializing and also tend to get digressed by small things. They get on very well with Horse and Tiger. They are not very compatible with Goat and Monkey people.

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