Horses are usually incredibly strong, handsome types, overflowing with good health, and abundant energy. They love to be on the move and have little patience for sitting around poring over piles of dusty paperwork. People born in these years are often brilliant sportsperson.

People born under this sign are often the gregarious types. They are never happier than when surrounded by a crowd of people. They adore company and hate to be alone.

Too much silence depresses and unnerves them. Yet despite their extrovert, sociable natures, Horses can be stubborn and pig headed. They want to be liked and admired yet insist on their complete freedom at all times to do as they like regardless of the feelings of others. They can also dig in their heels unexpectedly on matters, which don’t appear to deserve a great deal of importance. Only the horse can see the significance of his position and he finds it difficult to put it into words ffor other signs. As far as he’s concerned he’s an instinctive, intuitive creature, it makes sense to him and that’s all for him.

Horse people are known for their sex appeal, sartorial sense and high energy levels. Horse people are good workers. They are sweet natured, tolerant but carry an air of pride about themselves.

The Horse personality is spirited and independent, however may be indifferent at times. A nonconformist by nature, the Horse is self-reliant and proactive wherever the center of attention may be. On negative side, they are hotheaded and sometimes selfish.

Horse people get on best with Dogs followed by Tiger and Goat. They are not compatible with Rats and Monkeys.

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