At first glance, the Ox may not appear to be the most glamorous of signs. Ox was a creature of supreme importance. They are very family oriented and faithful. On compatibility table they rank well with Rat, Snake, Monkey & Rooster. They do not see eye to eye with dragons though.

The Ox personality is diligent, hard-working, stable and calm. Through the Ox’s fortitude and respect for tradition and custom, the Ox is undeniably a symbol of logic and resolute thinking. Always an asset and good provider for the family’s well being, the Ox will not hesitate to care for his loved ones and make great sacrifices. The Ox holds equally high dignity and strong morals to match. Large, ponderous and not exactly good-looking, Ox, burden seems to lack the charisma of the ferocious tiger or the flashy bravado of the mythical dragon.

Beneath his quiet, modest exterior the Ox is surprisingly ambitious and he usually gains success in later life. People born under this sign are drawn to professions involving law and order and also to outdoor careers such as agriculture and landscape gardening. They may not appear to be high fliers, but they are tenacious and once they have set their sights on a goal they never give up.

One of the weaknesses of the Ox is its stubbornness. The Ox hates to admit that he is wrong and will stubbornly cling to his point, even if it is harmful. In totality, an Ox is a person who is easy to get along and are friendly.

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