Rabbit individuals are gentle, kind and warm hearted. They are often quiet and soft spoken in nature. They are not cowardly, but they hate conflicts. The Rabbit personality is tender, harmonious with his surroundings and believed to be the most fortunate of all the animal signs. Also referred to as the Moon Hare, the Rabbit symbolizes longevity and immortality. The Rabbit is elegant, sensitive by nature and deceivingly inscrutable when it comes down to matters of money and business negotiations. The Rabbit’s distaste for conflict finds other indirect avenues for resolution.

Usually kind and sweet, Rabbit people are not only popular but also make a very interesting company. They are well known for their artistic sense and good taste. Rabbit people are also calm. They argue rarely and are sentimental and compassionate.

Some rabbits have developed their skills to such an extent that they are capable of great cunning and stealth in order to get their own way. Typical rabbits would however only use such wiles in situations of extreme desperation.

Rabbits tend to have a few very good friends rather than hoards of acquaintances and they enjoy solitude. Where other signs feel lonely when they have to spend a few hours alone, rabbits find their own company quite refreshing. In fact to operate in peak condition it’s good idea to take regular breaks to recharge their batteries.

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