People born in the year of the rat are gregarious, resourceful, and intelligent and possess great charm. Rats seem to attract friend easily and are always surrounded by them. They believe whole-heartedly in the importance of appearance and seem to be aware of the fact that the first impression is the last impression. The Rat personality is tenacious, diligent and detail-oriented. Although the Rat can be easily unnerved by a compromising situation, the Rat will always maintain composure in a social setting.

Normally rat people are well-organized and quick workers. They earn good amount of money but spend it equally fast. Rat people get very well along with people born in years of Dragon, Monkey and Ox. They are not however compatible with Horse & rabbit people.

Rats enjoy the good things in life. Home is of paramount importance to them and they like to be surrounded by beautiful, luxurious things. Given the chance the rat will indulge into buying new clothes and prove out be expensive. Despite their laid-back and chatty personalities, Rats are observant and are very careerist in nature.

But Rats do have a tendency to gossip. Out going in nature, rats are surprisingly reserved about their feelings. In totality, Rats are such loving people that no one can remain angry with them for long.

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