Sheep (Goat)

Goat is usually thought as stubborn and a rather stupid creature, with the male of the species having a particularly bad reputation being by turns both aggressive and lecherous.

Happily people born under this Chinese sign of the goat, often known as the sheep, share none of these unattractive characteristics. In fact goats amongst the nicest personalities of the Chinese Zodiacs. Kind hearted, unworldly and immensely artistic, Goats are gentle souls who genuinely care about the well being of others.

Goats literally would not hurt a fly and suffer greatly if they know any one is hurt. If they should inadvertently cause unhappiness to another creature they are genuinely distraught and do everything in their power to make amends.

Quiet and often rather shy, Goats nevertheless have great charm and usually get what they want without struggle. Although they never quite believe it, Goats are in fact regarded as exceptionally lucky people. Things have a knack of going their way and even disasters for them frequently turn out to be blessings in disguise.

On negative side, they tend to get insecure, pessimistic and over-anxious. They are compatible with Pig, Rabbit and Horse. However they make a very poor combination with Tiger though.

Purity of heart depicts the gentle nature of the Sheep, ever so soothing and compassionate. The Sheep adores attention and acceptance and acutely sensitive to the harmony of his immediate environment. Known as a good-natured soul, may be self-indulgent in personal comforts and material objects.

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