Snake in Chinese Astrology signifies wisdom and subtlety, qualities, which are greatly valued in the east. The slow moving enigmatic snake gets where it wants to go by its wit, cunning and stealth rather than by loud noise and brute force.

People born in this animal year are elegant, and often wonderfully good looking and graceful. Even those not blessed with natural beauty so cleverly enhance their charm that they leave a beguiling impression of extreme attractiveness with everyone they meet.

Snakes are perhaps the most cultured and intelligent creatures of the Chinese Zodiac. They love good looks, classical music, the theatre, fine wines and antiques.

Snakes are not the most energetic of signs existing in the Chinese signs. However they are not totally lazy. They are in fact efficient and conscious creatures. They expend just about enough energy to finish a particular work and then prefer taking rest. They don’t believe in overworking one self.

People born under the sign of snake are dynamic, aggressive and very adaptable in nature. They are wise philosophers and have an element of stealth about their personality. The Snake personality is believed to hold enigmatic power and influence. Appreciative of the finer for rebirth and recovery, faltering away from its true focus aesthetics in life, the Snake possesses a keen pallor of calmness in situations of conflict.

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