Bold, bright, beautiful and dangerous, down the centuries the tiger has been regarded with a mixture of fear admiration bordering on awe. Wild, untamable and ferocious though they are lesser mortals such as man just can’t help being entranced by the tiger’s savage grace.

The Tiger personality is robust, dynamic and stimulating. The Tiger epitomizes action for change, a zest and daring for the adventures in life. Undaunted by conflict, the Tiger embraces challenges and foes with unrelentless vim and vigor. Intense and impatient by nature, the Tiger gives any endeavor its full capability and prowess. Impetuous, charming and persuasive, the Tiger can convince even the most stubborn to consider his ways.

They get on well with people born in years of Horse & Dog. However a tiger – goat or a tiger – Ox combination is not recommended at all.

Tigers can’t help getting them noticed. Larger than life, impressive and often strikingly good-looking they are warm hearted and extrovert types who wouldn’t normally hurt a fly. These people are laughing and joking one moment and snarling with rage the next moment.

Idealistic, individualistic and frequently rebellious, Tigers care little for cash. They are very close to their family and love their children very much.

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