The Moon in Aquarius

With the Moon in Aquarius these individuals are highly imaginative and should direct this energy into creative channels. They are very open-minded about the changing trends in society and can adapt quite easily.

Most of all they love to shock others with their opinions, which often violate taboos. They can see the need for old arbitrary restrictions to be cast aside. Freedom is very important to them, but they must sometimes remember to extend the same freedom to their partner.

They are a mixture of radical thought and conservative action and are sometimes plagued by anxiety and tension. Often they take on others’ problems or causes without getting anything in return.

In relationships you seek a person who is somewhat unusual. They look for a companion who can share many interests with them. In business they need a stable partner who can make good practical use of their creative imagination and keep himself or herself grounded. Metaphysics and occult sciences are also of interest to them often.

The one drawback of this moon placement is a tendency to gossip and spread rumors. Although this may be done with the best of intentions, you may not enjoy dealing with the consequences when they are identified as the source. Physically, their areas of weakness are varicose veins, eye afflictions and ulcers on legs.

The men of this group when engaged in scholarly pursuits and work that brings out their ability, succeed very well in the world. They are seldom discouraged by struggle, and the development of their work is often just as important to them as fulfillment. The women that they choose are highly bred and cultured.

Aquarian women are rather masculine in their outlook on life. They love the business and professional world, where they are so capable and so successful. When they do marry, they make the best of parents as they have plenty of patience, kindness, intelligence and understanding.

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