The Moon in Capricorn

With Moon in Capricorn the individuals have a natural desire to rise to a position of power and fame and are willing to work hard for accomplishments. Once they have attained their desired goals they see success as adequate compensation for the absence of personal relationships in life. Those with Moon in Capricorn who are not fortunate enough to achieve fame and fortune become terribly frustrated and may even develop ill health as a result.

This is a difficult Moon placement for women, mostly because women have not traditionally been allowed to pursue their individual ambitions apart from that of homemaker and mother. So women with Moon in Capricorn can project their drive and ambition onto their men or others that they consider superior to them. In this case, there is a tendency for them to become martyrs to their family or a dominant business partner.

This position is quite good for men in a worldly sense. A man with this configuration is usually impersonal in his judgement of the world around him, but he is very selfish regarding his own aims and ambitions. He is cautious, thrifty and lays his own aims and ambitions. He seldom makes intimate friends, and usually confides in nobody. His interests are in the commercial world, and his greatest successes are usually in business.

Many persons with the Moon in Capricorn have psychological problems in adulthood, which are traceable to a bad relationship with the mother. Men with this lunar placement often marry prominent women who can benefit their career, sacrificing the emotional satisfaction they also need. Women also may marry for position and wealth, often sacrificing true love for the stability of an older man.

But whatever their choice, they will not rush into a relationship. Instead you exercise great caution before making a commitment. They need a loyal mate, one who can earn respect and demonstrate their reliability. They can be quite generous with their loved one by lavishing them with gifts, meals, special favors (or maybe financial support). They seek sincerity in sexual encounters, and would be most satisfied in a long-term relationship. Like most Capricorn placements, this one gets better with age.

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