The Moon in Gemini

Individuals with their moon sign in Gemini are highly imaginative and can channel this talent into creative work. It is necessary that one maintain a steady rate of mental activity in order to avoid intellectual boredom. This Moon placement favors education, and the person would be both a good teacher and a sharp student. It is difficult for one to limit yourself to one activity at a time, and you are constantly looking for new stimulating experiences.

In business it is predicted for the individual that he/she would do well with a strong, practical partner who could keep you grounded. If one can find a partner that one can respect, one will not mind entrusting them with most of the decision-making in your business. It is easier for the person to adjust to adulthood if one was allowed plenty of freedom during childhood. If this is denied the Gemini child will probably respond with a classical temper tantrum. But they bounce back quickly and are quick to respond to any emergency. People with the moon in the Gemini may seem fearless to others because they take chances that would be too frightening to them.

In one’s love life one has the ability to handle several relationships simultaneously without anyone getting hurt. They require good communication with lovers, and they must have a keen sense of humor. A possessive partner would be a source of frustration, for one must be allowed to express oneself freely.

In a woman’s horoscope this is not a very good aspect. It is true that the native will have a quick mind, scintillating wit, and often several useful talents, but she will also be extremely pleasure loving, light minded, shallow and gossiping. This leaning toward gossip can be very dangerous. The native seems never to know when to stop talking, and frequently talks herself into trouble.

The men having the moon in Gemini have somewhat better luck. They are often very successful as newspapermen, advertising agency writers, authors or any other creative field. They are likely to make plenty of money, and enjoy great popularity. The temperamental coldness of the type often helps them in the business world.

Geminis are not known to have stability, and they need a partner who can understand their dual nature. If they have such a mate, they may not feel the need to lie in order to avoid confrontations. This can be a bad habit. As they age they will retain a youthful look and behavior. People with this Moon placement can succeed at “staying young forever.”

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