The Moon in Pisces

This Moon sign indicates strong intuitive and psychic qualities. Individuals in this sign should generally follow their intuition, although they may be afraid to do so, especially if they have unfavorable aspects to their Moon. Emotionally they are extremely sensitive, and for this reason the Pisces Moon is more easily dealt with in a woman’s chart than in a man’s.

They care a great deal about others and seek to serve society as a whole in their own way. Just remember to find time to take care of their own needs. They give love freely to others, and if they are not careful they may be deceived by people who would take advantage of their generosity.

With their ability to see all the flaws in society, they may feel like rejecting the world altogether. Their life probably will not be one of the Cinderella or Prince Charming of their dreams, but they will eventually see that this is all part of their karmic experience in this lifetime. Learn to think positively and be grateful for small gifts and talents as well as large ones.

They are not afraid to work hard for what they believe in, but they sometimes tend to overlook their own needs in the process.

Since they are subject to wild swings in mood, they need a mate who is more stable than they are. In turn they can give them pure, unselfish, transforming love and compassion.

Men of the lunar Pisces, have much to fight. It is expected of a man that he face the realities of this world with singleness of purpose and strength of mind. The position brings with it a good deal of indecision and spiritual discontent, and even when the commercial life harmonizes with the whole scheme, the restless implications are there.

For women, the position is not so difficult. More latitude is allowed a woman for her temperamental discontent, and she can often find satisfaction and relief in religion, art. When she takes the more mysterious and dangerous road along some of the occult sciences, she frequently ends up the victim of wicked fraud, or a nervous wreck.

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