The Moon in Sagittarius

Persons with this moon placement know their own emotional make-up very well and are able to make required adjustments in life quite easily. They have a strong sense of direction in life and set high goals for themselves. Others are continually amazed as they set seemingly impossible goals for themselves and then go on to achieve them. The only danger is that they will become ruthless in their pursuit of success and reach the top with no friends to congratulate them.

Although they are good at combining business with pleasure, when the chips are down business always wins out. Lunar Sagittarians are eternally optimistic, even when they should be exercising caution instead. They are often dedicated to philosophical causes and may even participate in non-political revolutionary practices at home or in the office. They want to make a difference–to influence the lives of others.

Gambling is a potential problem with this Moon placement, and this is partially a result of over-optimism. Natives may believe that they simply cannot lose and therefore take unconsidered risks. Although they feel very lucky, they actually are not.

The mental qualities of the luna Sagittarius, while very wide are considered somewhat impersonal. These people are interested in the progress of the world and anything that tends towards human betterment; mind over matter and the exaltation of the mental development of mankind interest them keenly.

Romantically, persons with Moon in Sagittarius are great companions to their mates. They need more than just sexual fulfillment from their partners–they require romance and spirituality. If it is necessary to terminate a relationship, they do so quickly and cleanly without looking back. They know something better is waiting just around the next corner.

The men of this birth figure are usually very successful. They are well equipped to succeed in the modern business world, and do not have to grub for the things that they desire. They are great spenders and enjoy a jolly, pagan sort of social life, uninhabited and full of romantic interest. They are incurable women chasers and have put a great deal of enthusiasm into their dashing love affairs. As husbands, this love for variety is a little disconcerting to the wife. They do, however, select a very high type of woman, passionate, beautiful and desirable.

Women having moon posited in this sign are not quite as fortunate as the men. These women are highly intellectual, and frequently give their lives to causes. They are handsome, serious looking women, dignified and admirable but they are not domestic. While they seek love and marriage, they do not seem to understand the use of those instinctive weapons that bring out marriage in the male quality of thought.

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