The Moon in Scorpio

Individuals with their moon in the Scorpio have very intense emotions, and they often fluctuate between extremes–love and hate, sadness and happiness, etc. It is difficult for them to totally understand their own emotional make-up because of its depth and complexity. As a matter of fact, those friends, lovers and family members who are closest to them probably know them better than they know themselves.

In their relationships with others they can be very possessive and jealous, and can become very cruel and vindictive if hurt. They never forget a wrong that someone has done to them, and will plot and plan–for years or decades, if necessary–to seek revenge. They often carry many such memories from childhood, and entire life can be devoted to avenging the scars on their psyche from the many wounds they suffered during their early years.

Although they are intensely emotional, they project a perfectly cool exterior at all times. It is difficult, though not impossible, for them to undergo emotional growth with Moon in Scorpio. The strength of their emotions is too overwhelming, so that the individuals are afraid to face the intensity within them. So they live a life of secrecy and mystery, which makes it hard to establish many meaningful relationships.

People with this Moon placement often achieve success in life, but often success brings more problems than failure. The issue of power over others (or others’ power over you) is a strong one in their life, and it is probably rooted in relationship as well. Although they may realize dreams in this lifetime, they also lose everything unless they learn the proper use of power.

In personal life, they have an ability to see through others’ pretenses and find the truth underneath. They can use this talent in relationships to identify and correct problems. Sex is a very intense experience for these people, and it is a valuable method of communication with the lover.

For men with this lunation in the birth scheme, there is usually a solution. If some degree of self-control is forced upon the native, if only for appearances before the outside world, his business or professional career can continue with a degree of dignity and success. A good deal of determination goes with this position, and therefore despite the unpleasant characteristics already mentioned, the native has resourcefulness and a sense of responsibility not so much to any individual or any group, but to himself. He is always determined to survive, and he owes it to himself to come out on top.

For the average women, with the moon posited in Scorpio the situation is somewhat different. Even in the world of today she does not enjoy the freedom necessary to indulge her appetites safely; that is not without danger in many departments of life. Her vagaries often make her declassee, and her health is affected both through the body and the mind. Married women, with this configuration have just as bad a time as single women. In the case of the married woman, her frenzied desires are never satisfied within her home. She is constantly seeking outside satisfaction. It is not hard to imagine the complications likely to result from such a scheme, and there are few women with this configuration who have not a good deal of scandal running through the life.

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