What is in a number?NUMEROLOGY or the science of numerical originated in the Hindu and Khalidan (Egyptian) civilizations. The science unfolds your past, looks at the present and predicts the future. Though the West believes in unlucky numbers, such as 13, the Hindu way does not. According to the Hindu philosophy, all numbers are good – some just prove to be better. But bad, no way!A well-read and well-traveled astrologer by the name of Cheiro was the first to link numerology with astrology. He was later known as the father of Numerology.According to the Indian philosophy, the number nine is very important in numerology. From the day of conception to the birth of a child is 279 days, which adds up to nine. ‘Navaratri’, a major Hindu Festival, lasts nine days, the Gayatri Mantra is said nine times at the thread ceremony.* Based on your birth date: Add only the figures of your birth date and not the month and year of birth. For instance, if your date of birth is 27.1.73, your birth date is 2+7 = 9 and not 2+7+1+7+3 = 20 and 2+0 = 2.

Since your date of birth cannot be changed, your lucky number is fixed and unchangeable, too.

*  Based on names: Sapphire assigned numbers to each letter of the alphabet as follows:

A     B      C      D      E       F       G      H       I       J       K    L   M

1     2      3      4      5      8      3       4       1       1      2     3   4

N     O      P      Q      R      S      T      U      V      W      X    Y    Z

5     7      8      1      2       3      4      6       6      6      5     1    7

And it was Cheiro worked out how to get the lucky number based on the name.

For instance, numbers assigned to each letter in the name ‘Femina’ add up to 8+5+4+1+ 5+1 = 15 = 6. So the lucky number for Femina is 6.

By changing your name or the spellings of your name, you can change your lucky name number.

Click here for: Overview Of Numbers


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