Finger Types

The Finger

  1. Long Fingers:

Love of detail, exact in matter of dress, quick to notice small attentions, worry themselves over little things & have occasionally leaning toward affection.


  1. Short Fingers:

Quick & impulsive, cannot be troubled about little things. Jump to conclusions too hastily, take everything en masse, do not care about appearances or conventionalities of society, quick in thought and outspoken in speech.


Thick & clumsy with short finger are more or less cruel & selfish.


When stiff & curved inward denote excess of caution & reserved and cowardly spirit.


When supple & bend back tell a nature of charming company, affable & clever but curious & inquisitive.


Naturally crooked, distorted, twisted on a bad hand indicate crooked & evil nature. On a good hand, rarely found, indicate quizzical, irritating person.


Small fleshy ball or pad inside the nail phalange denotes extreme sensitiveness & tact through the dread of causing pain to others.


Thick & puffy at the base considers his own comfort before others, desires luxury ness in food. When at the base shaped like a waist shows unselfish dispositions & fastidiousness in matter of food.


With smooth joints, more inclined to be impulsive in thought & to arrive at conclusions without using the reasoning faculties. With square hand & square fingers, very much modified but not by any means eradicated.


With pointed hands (& pointed fingers) the smooth joints are purely intuitive. They cannot be troubled with details of any kind, careless in dress, appearance & in little matters.


Work has nothing to do with the increase or diminution of developed joints. Developed joints are opposite to smooth joints. Smooth joints are often do the hardest kind of manual labour, but developed joints do nothing but mental work. They show more exactness in method & work. Worry over little things though in important matters, they will be cool & calm. They are good scientists because of extra ordinary power of analyzing.


1st Finger – Finger of Jupiter

When first finger is excessively long, denotes great pride and a tendency to rule & domineer (priests, politicians). It will ‘lay down the law’.


When first finger is as long as second indicates great pride of disposition, a desire of power, ‘the one man, one world’ creed (Napoleon).



Long – Love of power, command over people, power to rule.

Excess Long – Tyrannical, extreme egotism.

Short – Non-aggressive, dislike of responsibility.

Crooked – Lack of principle in rule & ambition.


2nd Finger – Finger of Saturn

When second finger is square & heavy, shows a deeply thoughtful, almost morbid nature. When pointed, callousness & frivolity.



Long – Prudence, love of solitude.

Excess Long – Morbid desires.

Short – Frivolity (especially if pointed).

Crooked – Morbid sensitiveness.


3rd Finger – Finger of Sun (Apollo)

When third finger has same length to first, denotes ambition for wealth & honour through artistic leanings & a great desire for glory. If excess long almost equal to second, denotes the nature that looks at life in the light of a lottery and endowed with strong artistic instincts & talents. Spatulate termination is an excellent sign for artistic nature.



Long – Love & worship of art, desire for celebrity

Excess Long – Desire for speculation, craving for notoriety.

Short – Dislike of publicity, less love of art.

Crooked – Lack of principle in desire for notoriety.


4th Finger – Finger of Mercury

When the fourth finger well shaped and long, acts as a kind of balance in the hand to the thumb and indicates the power of influence others. When very long, almost raching to the nail of the third finger shows great power of expression & more or less the savant or philosopher.



Long – Mental power, influence with people, power of expression, especially in speech.

Excess Long – Extreme diplomacy, desire to cover actions by deceptive language, etc.

Short – Slow in grasp of ideas, easily foiled in plane.

Crooked – Lack of expression, easily influenced by people.


Wide space between thumb and first finger indicates generosity of nature, broad minded and independence of will; between Jupiter and Saturn – independence of thought; between Saturn & Sun – independence of circumstances; between Sun & Mercury – independence of action.


Fingers appear loose, supple & separated shows unconventionality and dislike to restraint. Fingers lie tied down together denotes, conventionality, fear of custom and of what people might say.


Fingers supple jointed & curved backwards show quickness of mind, grasp facts & people easily adaptable but more or less moody.


Fingers stiff & curved inwards shows, slowness of mind, generally self contained, do not easily grasp ideas, rather timid and are usually very sensitive.


The first phalnage long gives the love of idealism in all things, the second large the love of reason and the third long phalnage, the love of material things. If the third phalnage is full & thickset, indicates love of luxury & comfort but when small & waist shaped, cares little for luxury but not to miss it.


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