Hand Types

Shapes Of Hand

  1. Elemetary Hands:

Coarse & Clumsy, with large, thick, heavy palm, short fingers & short nails.

Little mental capacity, work possess leans more to the order of the brute, no control over passions; love of form, colour & beauty does not appeal to them.

If with short and thick thumb with the upper part or nail phalange heavy, full & generally square, people are violent in temper, passionate but not courageous. Without any aspirations and live for eat, drink, sleep and die.

  1. Spatulate Hands:

If greater breadth of formation is at wrist when hard & firm, indicates a nature restless & excitable but full of energy of purpose & enthusiasm.

When soft & flabby, denotes the restless but irritable spirit. Works in fits and starts but cannot stick to anything long.

It has its intense love of action, energy and independence, e.g. Great navigators, explorers, discoverers, engineers, mechanics, but not confined to them. It is a large hand with fairly long, well developed fingers. “They are, it is true, very often before their time; they are often wrong in the way they set about their work; but they are, as a rule, the heralds of some new thought or life that will, years later, give life to their fellow men.”

Hand with the broad development at the base of the fingers as more practical. But if the hand has greater angular development at the wrist, bent will be for action in the domain of ideas.

  1. Philosophic (Knotty) Hands:

Generally long & angular with bony fingers, developed joints & long nails.

a) Success in form of wealth is very rare.

b) Students but of a peculiar subject.

c) Study mankind & know every chord & tone in the harp of life.

d) have ambitions.

e) like distinction & go through all preventions to attain it.

f) love mystery in all.

g) silent & secretive, deep thinkers, careful over little matters, patience, egotistical.

h) wait for opportunities.

While smooth, pointed fingers are reverse. It gives love of analyzing. If the end of the finger is square & conic combined gives solemn tone to their inspirations & fits for religious thought or mysticism.

  1. Conic (Artistic) Hands:

Medium sized, palm slightly tapering and the fingers full at base, & conic or slightly pointed at tip or nail phalange.

a) Impulse & instinct.

b) usually full, soft hand with pointed fingers & long nails denotes artistic & impulsive nature but love of luxury & indolence predominate. Clever & quick in thought & ideas but devoid of patience and tire. Good conversationalists, changeable in friendship & affection. Very much influenced by the people with whom they come in contact & surroundings. Impressionable, carry their likes & dislikes extremes, quick tempered, too impetuous to study words or expressions. Generous & sympathetic, selfish where own comfort is concerned, but not in money matters. No power of discrimination. Such relates to temperament than to the carrying out of artistic ideas. Easily influenced by colour, music, eloquence, tears, joy and sorrow.

When hard & elastic, denotes, all good qualities of the first but accentuated by greater energy & firmness of will. Artistic in nature. All quickness of first with all brilliancy & sparkle in company. Depends very much on inspirational feeling.

With square finger indicates, more the student & more exactness in foundation, method & correctness, these will try & try again until successful.

Spatulate fingers will give, say, to a painter the greater breadth & design & colour, the more daring ideas.

Philosophic fingers give mystical treatment of the ideas.

  1. Psychic Hands:

Most beautiful but the most unfortunate & very rare to found. Long, narrow, & fragile-looking with slender, tapering fingers & long, almond shaped nails. Very fineness & beauty indicate its want of energy & strength.

Peoples have purely visionary, idealistic nature, appreciate beautiful in every shape & form, gentle in manner, quiet in temper, trust everyone who is kind to them. Have no idea of how to be practical, business like or logical, have no conception of order, punctuality or discipline. Easily influenced by others. Every tone of music, every joy, every sorrow, every emotion is reflected in a colour. Unconsciously a religious one. Feel awe & mystery of life, without knowing why. More alive in feeling. Usually feel their position in life so keenly that they too often consider themselves useless & become morbid & melancholy in consequence.

  1. Mixed Hands:

Hand of ideas, of versatility & of changeability of purpose. Person is adaptable to both people & circumstances, clever but eratic in the application of his talents. Brilliant in conversation, art or gossip. Never feel the ups & downs of fortune like others. Restless, inventive. We can say them “Jack of all trails”.

  1. Square Hands:
    1. With Short Sqaure Fingers:- Materialistic, narrow-minded, business-like & practical. Like to accumulate wealth. They believe only that they hear or see.
    2. With Long Square Fingers:- Denotes greater development of mentality, logic & method. Submitting everything in scientific examination.
    3. With Knotty Fingers:- Extreme love of detail, fond of construction so special in one particular line.
    4. With Spatulate Fingers:- Hand of invention always on practical lines, love methodical work.
    5. With Conic Fingers:- Inspirational, imaginative nature linked with thoughtful, the solid, the methodical also harmony & counterpoint & idealism.
    6. With Psychic Fingers:- Rarely found, but an approach states that people start well & mean well but make them subservient to every mood & caprice. Nature is extreme opposite to each other, too contradictory ever to succeed.
    7. With Mixed Fingers:- Very often seen & more among men than women. Generally, thumb supple & backward bending very much, first finger pointed, second square, third spatulate & forth pointed. Indicates great versatility of ideas, full of inspirations, scientific & extremely logical. Descend from most imaginative idea to most practical. Discuss any subject with greatest ease; but from want of continuity of purpose rarely rise to any great height of power or success.
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