The Great Triangle

The great triangle or the Triangle of Mars is formed by the line of life, head and the hepatica (line of health). If the line of health is absent, an imaginary line or the line of sun, form the base of triangle.

When triangle well-formed by lines of head, life and health, it should be broad and enclose the entire Plain of Mars. It denotes breadth of views, liberality and generosity of spirit.

If formed by three small wavy, uncertain lines, it denotes timidity of spirit, meanness and cowardice. Such person will always go with majority, even against the principles.

When in second formation, base line of sun – subject will have narrow ideas but great individuality and strong resolution.

The Upper Angle

It is formed by lines of head and life.

When angle clear, well-pointed and even – indicate refinement of thought and mind and delicacy toward others.

When very obtuse – denotes a dull matter-of-fact intellect with little delicacy and feeling and a very small appreciation of art.

When extremely wide and obtuse – it gives a blunt, hasty temper, a person who continuously offend people. It also denotes impatience and want of application of study.

The Middle Angle

It is formed by the line of head and health.

If clear and well defined, it denotes quickness and intellect, vivacity and good health.

When very acute, it denotes a painfully nervous temperament and bad health.

When very obtuse, dullness of intelligence and a matter-of-fact method of working.

The Lower Angle

When very acute and made by the hepatica, denotes feebleness and littleness of spirit; when obtuse, it denotes a strong nature.

When made by the line of sun and very acute, it gives individuality, but a narrow view of things. When obtuse, it gives a broader and more generous mind.

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