The Mount of Mars:

Qualities = vitality, courage, fighting, etc.

Two Position – upper part of the line of life. (Positive)

— space between line of heart and line of head. (Negative)

First Mount (21st mar. – 21st Apr. – 28th)

Possesses a strong material nature, have great obstinacy of purpose & determination. Resent all criticism. They are decided & dogmatic in all their views & seldom ask the advice of others, until it is too late to alter their purpose for good or evil.

They can be handled or managed by kindness, patience, tact or by affections.

They are good-natured & generous, but spasmodic & impulsive in actions and for this they lack self-control and unless a good long line of head be shown on the hands they rush madly into all kinds of difficulties & dangers.

Such people should be advised to cultivate repose, self-control and above all to avoid wines, etc.

Second Mount (21st Oct – 21st Nov. – 28th)

They are complete opposite of the first, all Mars qualities being mental they are courageous & possess moral courage more than physical.

When not highly developed – employ cunning & craft of every description to carry out their plans & will stop at nothing for this.

They are so versatile & many-sided that they are the most difficult of all to place in some special carreer. If a good line of Head be found, then there is nothing in the world of mental endeavour in which they will not make a success. They are of dual nature.

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