The Mount Of Moon (Luna)

Qualities = imagination, romance, changeability.


Positive – (Jun 21st – July 20 – 27)

It relates to with the imaginative faculties, the emotional, artistic temperament, romance, idealism, poetry, change of scenery, travel & such like.


They are intensely romantic, but idealistic in desires & have not that passionate or sensual nature as Venus. They have inventive faculties and are seldom hide bound by any rule of thumb or set convention. They love new in everything & also travel & changes.


They should, if possible, avoid marrying early in life, unless they are absolutely sure they have met their affinity.


Negative – (Jan 21 – Feb 20 – 27)

People have good mental power, but imaginative faculties are not as strong as positive. They are high-minded & have very decided views on love, duty & social life. They try to do good to others, especially masses more than individuals. They are strongly religious & bring these views in all they do.

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