The Quadrangle

It is a quadrangular shape between the lines of head and heart.

When even in shape, wide at both ends, not narrow at centre, interior smooth and not crossed with many lines – indicates evenness of mind, power of intellect and loyalty in friendship or affection.

This space represents within itself the man’s disposition toward his fellows. When excessively narrow, it shows narrow ideas, smallness of thought and bigotry in regard to religion and morals, whereas the triangle denotes conservatism as regards work and occupation.

The space must not be too wide when subject’s view of religion and morals will be too broad for his own good.

When this space narrows so much in the centre that it appears of a waist – it denotes prejudice and injustice. The two ends should be fairly equally balanced. When much wider under mount of Sun than Saturn, the person is careless about his name, position or reputation. The opposite of this shows intense anxiety to the opinion of other people.

When excessively wide under Saturn or Jupiter and narrower at the other end, it denotes that the person will change from generosity and broadness to become narrow ane prejudiced.

When quadrangle is abnormally wide in entire length – it denotes want of order in the brain, carelessness of thought and ideas, an unconventional nature and imprudent in every way.

When quadrangle is smooth and free from little lines – calm temperament.

When very full of little lines and crosses – the nature is restless and irritable.

A star in any portion is an excellent sign.

Under Jupiter – it promises pride and power

Under Saturn – success in worldly matters

Under Sun – success in fame and position through art

Between Sun & Mercury – success in science and research.

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