The Thumb

When stands off the hand, at 900, nature will fly to extremes, from sheer independence of spirit. It will be impossible to control such nature. They will brook no opposition and will incline to the aggressive in manner & bearing. When cramped toward the fingers, indicates the utter want of independence of spirit. It denotes a nervous, timorous, but cautious nature. It will impossible to find that what the person thinking about and intends to do. If the thumb long, he will use his intellectual faculties to outwit his opponent; but if short and thick, he will cautiously await his opportunity for any deed of violence that he may meditate.


The long, well formed thumb denotes, strength of intellectual will; the short, thick thumb denotes brute force & obstinacy; the small, weak thumb denotes weakness of will and want of energy.


If first phalange long, the subject depends upon will. If the second phalange much longer than first, the subject, though having all the calmness & exactitude of reason, yet has not sufficient will and determination to carry out ideas. When third phalange long and thumb small, he is a prey to the more passionate or sensual side of the nature.



Supple jointed thumb is the indication of extravagant person in money and thoughts. They have adaptability of temperament for both people & circumstances have sentimental love of kindred & country, as opposed to the practical, settle down easily to new work & surroundings.


Firm jointed thumb are exact opposite of former. They are practical, have strong Will and a kind of stubborn determination which makes them stronger in character. They are more cautious & secretive, advance by slow steps. They stick to one thing, rule with strength, have keen sense of justice, control the self. In war, they are solid, strong & resistless; in love they are undemonstrative but firm & staunch; in religion their churches are plain but solid; in art they have the strength of their own individuality.



Finer formation is the indication of greater development of intellectual Will & the coarse formation will use more brute force in the accomplishment of an object. Waist like appearance, a portion of finer development indicates the tact born of mental power whereas the fuller, coarser development indicates force in the carrying out of a purpose, in keeping with the characteristic of each nature.


When first phalange is thick & heavy with short flat nail indicates ungovernable, blind passion of the subject dominating reason. Such people, as rule, have first joint stiff & this together gives terrible temper once out of deeds violence & crime. Flat phalange is more calm in matters of temper & more controlled by reason.


When the hand is hard & firm & first phalange well developed will be more resolute of purpose & more determined in the execution of his ideas and have tendency toward energy.


When hand is soft, subject will be more inclined to use his Will by fits starts, but can’t be so much depended upon in the execution of his plans.


Supple thumbs rarely have the same keenness of moral consciousness that is found with those of the straight, firm thumbs. They are more those impulsive children of nature in whom conscience in morals does not play so important a part.

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