The planets in our solar system are known to have a deciding impact on our individual selves. It is said that the planet under whose influence one is born, decides the various aspects and behaviour of a person.  Astrologically, the sun is often recognised as the King of Planets. The Sun lies at the center of our solar system and despite it’s distance from planet Earth, it has a seminal impact on it. Hence our zodiac signs depend a lot on our planetary position and influence. So get to know all about planetary positions and how they act as your guiding force. Get to know yourself better, unravel the individual in you and just go ahead in life!

  • The Sun

The Sun speaks about you and your self. It is said to be the Ruler of Leo and Powerful in Aries. The sun represents the most powerful influence in human life. It reveals the true human being in you, hidden beneath the veil of your personality and appearance. Being the King of Planets, the Sun represents the vital principle of human soul and is the pivot of one’s energy.

The sun indicates the ultimate goal and ambition in your life. Whether or not this ambition is fulfilled depends on the influence of other planets on the sun. A strong position of the Sun implies singleness of purpose, and the strength and energy of life, along with the ability to carry out an ambition towards a successful fulfillment. With a poorly afflicted position of the Sun, a person emerges weaker in personality and often lacks in ambition and energy. In a woman’s horoscope, the Sun’s position often reveals her success with men.

The moon rules your temper and your temperament. It is said to be the Ruler of Cancer and Strong in Pisces. In Indian Astrology, the moon is said to be the queen of all planets and is ranked next in hierarchy to the sun. The moon is said to be your disposition, your moods and your fancies. The moon governs your point of view and the way you adjust yourself to the life, and to all situations and contacts coming the way of mankind. If the moon in your birth horoscope suffers from bad aspects, it signifies struggle all along life and with people. When the sun and the moon are not harmonious, life is filled with conflict, and success just often passes by. The moon controls scandals, sensational gossips and all that appeals to the masses. In a man’s horoscope, the moon’s position outlines his measure of success with women. The moon shares importance with the Sun in the horoscope.

  • Jupiter

The Planet Jupiter is the ruler if the zodiac Sagittarius and is also very powerful in Pisces. The planet Jupiter, called by the ancients, “The Greater Fortune”, represents religious urges, philosophical thoughts, and dreams of vast accomplishments and great ideals. Jupiter controls journeys on foreign seas, world travel, and money and power gained through great enterprise. Gambling in material coin as well as speculative thought is part of the Jupiter character. The personality of Jupiter is jovial, expansive, generous and benign. The sign and house in which it is found in the horoscope tells where and how much of the world’s material good as will be forthcoming during the life-time. Jupiter also, wherever posited, characterizes the quality of thought of the individual.

  • Venus

Venus is the planet that rules the factor of love, beauty and the social whirl in our lives. It is said to be the ruler in the zodiac of Taurus and Libra and very fruitful in Pisces. Venus, having in a more material sense many of the qualities of Jupiter, has been called “The Lesser Fortune.” Venus, too, governs according to the position in the horoscope worldly goods, in the form of money, jewels, and all the luxuries of life. Venus colours the personal appearance, the personality, and the degree of success in the social world. Venus controls the love life; not entirely, it is true, as other planets have a part in this glamourous adventure. But the position and quality of the Venus does decide at least one half of the native’s experiences in the charming world of love and romance. It dictates your ability to attract and hold admirers, your general popularity, and lastly your capacity for spending money.

With an afflicted Venus a person might find himself indulgent to the point of vice, or quarrelsome with sweat hearts, dogged by scandal, and deluged with bills caused by his own incurable extravagance.

Mars is said to be the ruler in Aries and Scorpio. Mars means a hard fight against everything that you hate. This force gives courage and strength to go in and conquer enemies. The thorny paths and the conflicts are always stimulating to Mars, who thrives on debate, controversy and battle.

Mars is the planet of hard work and accomplishment, and always expresses activity, restlessness and the will to tackle a problem. Mars is such a violent physical force that it must be harnessed to progressive, useful activity in the life; otherwise the result is apt to be destructive. The personality of the planet is motion, explosion and war. Naturally, energy of this type must have a moral motivation. When good is the goal, the results are wonderful, but undirected; some of the most shocking murders, and bloody battles have been the result of the Mars force.

  • Neptune

Neptune is said to be the planet of delusion, dreams and visions. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces and is said to have a strong influence on Cancer. Neptune represents the dreams, visions and secret castle is built of, how it is furnished, and when it will materialise. Neptune the dreams of impossible sugar-loaf cottages, as well as fine marble palaces and lastly the soul chamber for the spiritual house.

The Neptune influence is delicate and subtle. A little of the poetic, mystical Neptune quality makes the average person interesting. Life with its hard realism needs Neptune’s unearthly charm to soften and humanise, but when the Neptune quality is too dominating the life, it brings evils the world censures harshly.

When the Neptune character deals with soft humanizing pity, it aids reforms, but when “the soft influence” goes too far, we have drug addicts, perverts, drunkards and persons whose capacity for deception is so boundless and hard to fathom that it can only be called “the psychopathic case”.

The scope of Neptune is wide for both good and evil, dealing as it does with those inmost reaches of the soul with which the average man has little patience and less understanding. Neptune badly aspected saps the energy, and devitalizes the mind. Neptune exalted makes a divine fire so delicate as to be beyond the comprehension of the rank and file of humanity.

  • Mercury

Mercury is the ruler of the intellect. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. This planet is an intellectual force controlling the mentality. It also rules common sense, and is a symbol of what you think and how you express your thoughts. The quality of the mentality is, of course, subject to the sign and house where Mercury is found in each horoscope, and its possible conjunction with other planets.

Mercury controls quick thinking, glib accurate expression of thoughts, colourful language, and an accurate grasp of any situation. Mercury has brilliancy, understanding, and powers of faultless execution of any task or problem set for solution. The intellect is cold, abstract, but honest, and the execution of manual work, perfect. Mercury governs speed, communications by word or wire, journeys short and fleet, in fact, as the ancients described him, he is “the messenger of the gods”.

Badly aspected, this fine dispassionate intellectual force and smart coordination of body and mind can be turned into forces that lie, steal, dupe and forge with a slickness that, like the magician’s wand, eludes detection in its polished adroitness.

  • Uranus

Uranus is the Planet of Freedom. It is the ruler of Aquarius. Uranus leads all the urges directing a person towards upheaval, complete change, and the upward climb to the light of freedom are controlled by Uranus. By this is meant that Uranus coldly destroys restraint and breaks down the barriers of convention, particularly outworn restrictions and passe conventions.

The planet Uranus rules what might be called “The Greater Mind”, Mercury being in control of the “Lesser Mind”. The Uranus vibration suggests connection with advanced planes of thought, gathered from a loftier existence in a planetary system as yet unstudied. Uranus is the most occult of the planets, and injects into the life of this world of new codes, new laws, and new social orders. However revolutionary the new standards of Uranus may seem, they are in complete harmony with divine plan. Badly aspected, a Uranus upheaval is malignant and devastating.

  • Pluto

Pluto is the planet of death, regeneration, and reform. Pluto governs sex and reproduction—also wills, legacies, and inheritances. The personality of Pluto is dark, cold, and sorrowful. The Pluto type of Death is usually from natural causes, illness, decay or old age. Life under Pluto passes silently from this plane into the unknown. It might be recalled that in Greek mythology Pluto was the king of the underworld, dark and turgid, but at a special plea of mankind he allowed his wife Prosperina to visit the earth every year. Her coming was a rebirth of joy, and we call it springtime. As has been explained, Pluto removes conditions a s well as persons, and starts the tide of rebirth.

In matters of reform Pluto is unlike Uranus. The Pluto type of reformation takes the form of penance.

On the worldly plane, Pluto governs the execution of wills, legacies, and inheritances.

  • Saturn

Saturn is more commonly known as the “Old Man of the Zodiac” and is the ruler of Capricorn. Saturn is considered a teacher and a mentor, though not too soft spoken. In Saturn is vested, all the ills the flesh is heir unto, delays, obstacles, disappointments, illness, trouble, and frustration. In Indian astrology, Saturn, a servant by nature is considered the weakest of the planets and yet he is one of the most important and most feared planets, being a malefic. To wrest any favour from Saturn mortal mind must be pure and uncontaminated. Human behaviour must be dutiful and sacrificial. Then Saturn rewards with power and authority. Sometimes the reward is fame and high worldly position. In Indian astrology, he belongs to a low or mixed caste, representing discipline, system, order, diligence, prudence, discretion, persistence, obedience and faithfulness. However, the beneficial effects of Saturn are often not properly understood.


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