ARIES is a fire sign, ruled by Mars.

Two Aries can make gigantic mistakes together or be hugely successful. There will seldom be any deception, pretence or hypocrisy but neither will there be great deal of caution or practicality. And they never fail to understand and sympathize with each other’s dreams, especially those that didn’t quite see the light of the day.

Taureans are the strong, silent type inclined to be reserve and practical. Taureans can help an Aries partner soar to heights of happiness by supporting their flights of fancy and the ram can open up the bull’s mind and imagination with optimism and new ideas.

Aries and Gemini can perform fantastic feats of ingenuity together as nothing holds their Interest for longer than a moment. A typical Aries can sense the duality of Gemini and is usually willing to give it room to be.

Aries and Cancer have different motivations, different approaches to life and goals, but if each gives some basic goodness to the other, and both their lives will be greatly enriched. There may be a few skirmishes over that is to follow the leader and that can be tricky, but nothing that cannot be solved by compromise.

Leos are born to lead and dominant. The ram’s ego must bend, as it’s far safer for the ram to allow the lion to believe he has won any game the two might be playing. But when there is mutual consideration and understanding, this can be a singular and extraordinary relationship. In each other they will find the excitement they are constantly searching for.

Regardless of all the differences in their personalities, Aries and Virgos can confide in each other – a trust which is rarely violated. In the virgin, Aries find sincere appreciation and a heart as loyal as their own. Virgos teach them how to discover beauty and patience.

In an Aries- Libra relationship, the latter will remain cool and stable, but when the Aries’ aggressiveness becomes intolerable, expect a thunderstorm. The Libran gives the ram courage and a more balanced and tolerant inner drive, while a ram inspires the Libran to turn his indecision into a firmer purpose.

A Scorpio is intensely loyal and never compromises on principle. But the two signs also have the capacity to destroy each other. The ram may become unnaturally introverted and self-effecting. In happier associations Aries will respond beautifully to Scorpio’s strength – provided the Scorpion keeps an open mind to the ram’s free and friendly approach to life.

Aries and Sagittarians have lots in common. Both are happier when they’re mentally and physically active. Despite their frequent squabbles, the idealistic Sagittarian moves the ram to spontaneous affection and compassion. The archer will forever be touched by the honesty of Aries.

Not burdened with the excess baggage of Arian idealism, Capricorns can shock the ram with unexpected propositions and behavior. Though Aries accuse Capricorn’s of a lack of sympathy, they are not without tender concern and compassion for those thy think are worth it.

Rams are said to be native, impractical dreamers and Aquarians are often called just plain crazy. Guess that’s why they get along so well. Both feel misunderstood and think the world is off-center! There are times when the rams believe the Aquarians aren’t quite all there while the water-bearer finds it difficult to cope with the ram’s hot-headed temper. But generally, the two enjoy a unique association.

On the whole, the ram and the Piscean are compatible, with neither interfering with the other’s approach to life. Though there’ll be heated and chilly encounters between them, especially when the fortnight ram runs out of patience for the often slippery, sneaky tactics of the fish. The Piscean will always look up to the Aries and have something important to learn from them.













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