CANCER is a water sign ruled by the Moon, whose symbol is the crab.

Only a Cancerian vibrating on the same lunar frequency can find the right words and manner to calm another. Together they develop strong ties of sympathy. Despite their natural timidity, crabs possess a tenacity of purpose – they can be amazingly strong, forceful and tough in a cricis. A pair of crabs will never run out of things to crab about, weep over, laugh and share.

Cancerians and Leos both possess the power to destroy the other. The two are often bound to clash over money matters. When there is friction, Leos may be incited to even grander achievements and when they’re compatible, the crab’s unerring instinct and tenacity of purpose can guide Leos to realize their dreams.

Something about the Crab soothes the Virgo. Virgins are more relaxed with a crab, less fearful of being bossed around, restricted, possessed or of having there own personalities overshadowed. Likewise, crab like the comfy, cozy, feeling floating around the clever, bright and witty Virgo. The pair may seem odd to the world but they feel perfectly right and natural together.

The Cancer- Libra association is most interesting and challenging. For these two to win a battle to understand each other is a worthy goal. If they concentrate almost constantly on their very real virtues even if they are markedly different, they can make mellow music together. Once they have learnt to genuinely appreciate each other, great magic can result.

The Crab is often destined to be magnetically drawn, to a Scorpio. An odd association may result in an unhappy ending, but that’s rare. They have an almost uncanny instinctive understanding of one another – they share almost all virtues and vices. The pair can always count on empathy as a supportive influence in their relationship.

A close association with a Sagittarious is in the long run, beneficial to the crab. Cancer can learn the valuable lesson of not being so sensitive. The sympathy and sensitivity of Cancer combined with the direct candor of a Sagittarian is a favorable blend of qualities, resulting in some clear thinking. Though they’ll clash over finances, a compromise is possible.

The crab and Capricorn are opposing Sun signs that complement each other. They are alike in certain ways – each has a soft inner core, their feelings run deep and they both like to lead. Someone will have to give a little and it’s most likely the crab. These traits combined with their opposite natures makes them supportive of each other.

Aquarius finds Cancer helpful and the crab finds the Water Bearer mystifying. It appears that they have nothing in common – the crab resents the Aquarians inquisitiveness and bluntness and Aquarians intensely resents Cancer’s reticence and tendency to pout – the relationship can be best described as unpredictable.

Most Cancer-Pisces associations are relatively smooth and mellow. The sympathetic attraction is often instant. They seem to understand each other better than most people understand them. Both are equally secretive, sensitive, moody and changeable. Conflicts, especially those regarding money, will require some degree of compromise.













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