LEO is a free sign ruled by the Sun, whose symbol is the lion.

Two Leos constitute all the membership required for a mutual admiration society. As the team they offer no less than they offer the rest of the Sun signs. Capable of heroic sacrifice and hardships in the name of love or friendship, these two also fight pout, shout and make uo more often than any other combinations. But these proud people can usually harmonize their differences.

A few scattered and rare Leo-Virgo associations catapult themselves into a sadomasochistic bond rather quickly. Since Leos are often bossy and a bit arrogant, it may look like the more introverted Virgos are being trampled upon. But Leos soon discover themselves at the end of the rope and dumbfounded when the long-suffering Virgo gets verbal.

There is a lot of communication at various levels between Leos and Librans. Friendships of the genuine kind are more common among these two. Life presents them with an unending stream of opportunities in every area and when they join forces, they can achieve almost anything! Leos just have to figure that out by ‘ discussion’, Librans don’t mean dramatic scenes or angry outbursts.

One thing Leo and Scorpio share is an honest respect for each other. Any relationship between the two is generally very close. The sensitive Scorpion will instinctively know when Leo’s pride is hurt and then be enormously comforting and protective. In less fortunate relationships, the initial attraction may last more briefly than both imagined.

An association between Leo and Sagittarius represents the ultimate in eternal standoff! These challenges, however, tend to be friendly and good-natured. Sensible ones eventually figure out that there can’t be a real winner and give up the struggle. There’s plenty of vibrant activity and energy that flows when they’re together – they can bring to each other and the world great happiness.

Leo and Capricorn are curious about each other. They can either make the other feel uncomfortable or co-operate and build a strong and enduring relationship. The goat could profit by imitating some of Leo’s vision and faith for the future and, in turn, provide Leo with sturdy mental and emotional foundation.

Both Leos and Aquarians adore surprises. They both are progressive-minded, generous and magnanimous. Both defend the underdog and both tend to be tall and handsome or beautiful. Both are intelligent, friendly and gregarious. But it would help if Leo borrowed some humility from the water-bearer and the latter, in turn, adopted Leo’s benevolence in personal relationships.

Pisces can bring much tenderness and insight into the Leo’s life, while Leo brings a great measure of emotional security to the fish. But these two are not compatible by nature and must work at harmony. Unless there are serious conflicts, together they can encourage the best in each other and find considerable joy and comfort in an alliance.













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