LIBRA is an air sign ruled by Venus, whose symbol is the scales.

Two Librans will spend a great deal of time talking. They have more in common than just their indecisiveness and their concern for fairness. One of the most beautiful things above to Librans is that they possess the wonderful ability to bring peace to each other’s minds and hearts. Hope the optimism spring eternal in their breast.

Libra and Scorpio approach each other tentatively but with a certain degree of fascination. Scorpios are no pushovers for Libran charm, but are sensitive and can be quality hurt when the Libran is oblivious to a need. The pronounced likes and dislikes of Scorpions can cause tension when they offend the Librans innate sense of justice and fair-play.

In Librans and Sagittairan, mental agility and verbal dexterity are blended in equal parts. Both are charming, conversationalist. When they get together, there’s seldom a still or silent moment. Despite their good humored and interesting debates they get along beautifully.

The Libra-Capricorn association projects a huge amount of power as a unit. They are both determined to get what they want, to arrive where they are headed for and to bend others to their will. Once they join forces and walk in the same direction, they can accomplish almost anything they want.

Libra and Aquarius sharpen their mind with polite conversation, which is stimulating, challenging, exciting and inspiring. Libra is a forever-growing bubble and Aquarius is forever bursting them. It may be funny for a while, but it could wear a little thin. Nothing that compromise cannot solve, of course, after Libra apologizes.

The Libra- Pisces association is a strangely soothing one. Neither has the foggiest idea why the other thinks and acts as he or she does. Usually brought together by outside force, they linger a while before finally deciding to make the investigation of the mystery of their individual traits a permanent hobby. The way they live their goals, ambitions and dreams can sometimes have a far-reaching influence over others.













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