TAURUS is an earth sign, ruled by the planet Venus, whose symbol is the bull.

An association between two bulls can be placid, stable and mutually comforting, but life may stagnate unless one of their birth charts contains planets from air or fire signs. They’ll be great together if one doesn’t push the other too far or hard. Most bulls have a great sense of humor. They are dependable, reasonable and flexible.

Bulls yearn for the Gemini’s inherent freedom of spirit even if they do initially mistrust the twin’s amazing dexterity of speech. Gemini’s airy detachment often hurts and annoys them. Gemini’s can’t understand how anyone can be so opinionated and deaf to logic and reason. Yet, a warm word or an affectionate gesture is all it takes to melt the Taurean heart.

Other than minor differences in priorities, bulls and crabs are uncommonly alike. Both want people to be nice to them. They like eating and making money. But Cancerians are moody – a trait the bull can’t really understand. Their meeting is often fated, with heavy karmic undertones. Both possess a need for the peace and quiet – compromise comes easily to this combination.

Leos want to lead and they sometimes impose on the bull’s patience. They enjoy protecting those they love and lavish gifts and kindness on them. This secretly pleases Bulls, even if they will deny it hotly. Trouble starts when bulls feel they are being shoved around.

Virgos nag bulls when they are a bit sloppy. The pair indulges in a bit of affectionate bickering, but they’re compatible. Virgos admire the bull’s strength of purpose but have little tolerance for their stubbornness. Both signs are passive, suspicious and cautious. Their association usually flowers into a beautiful relationship.

While Taureans are very protective and don’t see the point in stirring up a storm over minor points, Librans do. Winning an intellectual point is the reason of their very existence. Just listening to their hectic mental activity and all those decisions usually leaves the bull weary and exhausted.

Both Scorpios and Taurians are reserved. They aren’t blabbermouths and don’t make irrelevant, long speeches. Both dislike inquisitive people but their reactions are different. When they say ‘no’, they mean it. As long as it’s not to each other, they can build the solid, long-lasting relationship.

It sometimes seems to the impulsive Sagittarian that the dogmatic bull is slow as a snail. The bull’s placidity and patience sometimes annoy the breezy, sunny Sagittarian. But both signs can spot a hypocrite or a phony a mile away and neither is inclined to tell a lie to save face or to be courteous. And they stand a chance of making good money together.

Capricorn and Taurus could be united in a glorious strength of effort and purpose or hopelessly lock horns. Both share a love of precious gems and metals and it doesn’t matter at what age these two teams up, their goals will be identical. Worldly-wise, it’s their inner world that troubles them – each starving for comfort and affection but afraid to ask.

The Aquqrian makes friends in five seconds while the bull takes years. If they work at the relationship, they’ll eventually communicate and learn valuable lessons from each other. The Water Bearer lives in the future while the bull is here and now. Bulls are not inclined to be chatterboxes and may be fun or firecrackers!

Until they know each other better, the Taurean may think the Piscean is a little foolish. With very different ideas, both are still tolerant of each other’s weakness. But the fish can show the bull more imaginative ways to make money and the joys of sharing with others. The bull can teach the fish proper respect for minimal security.













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