Miscellaneous Diseases

Here I am giving different type of treatments like, acupressure, naturecure and Allopathic, wherever needed. Acupressure Points will be given in this main page below the heading with pictures, if any. Click on the name of the disease for other type of treatments:-

  1. Cancer
  2. Childhood Diseases
  3. Infectious Diseases
  4. Medical Emergencies
  5. Old Age Diseases
  6. Filaria
  7. Migrain
  8. Pain In Urethra
  9. Urine Burning
  10. Atelectasis
  11. Bronchiectasis
  12. Hydrothorax
  13. Hepatic Pain
  14. Cholesteatoma
  15. Paronychia/ Whitelow
  16. Herpes Zoster
  17. Shoulder Pain
  18. Cholecystitis
  19. Alchohalic Hepetitia
  20. Goitre
  21. Enlargement of Liver
  22. Enlargement of Spleen
  23. Ascities
  24. Thyroid
  25. Gastro
  26. Gastro Esophageal Reflux Diseases
  27. Jaundice
  28. Choletithiasis
  29. Haemoptysis/ Haematemesis
  30. Hiccup
  31. Allergy
  32. Cachexia
  33. Psoriasis
  34. Anal Fissure
  35. Asphyxia
  36. Chilblains
  37. Diabetes Mellitus
  38. Faintness
  39. Diabetes Insipidus
  40. Prickly Heat
  41. Intermittant Claudication
  42. Exellicia Cardia
  43. Acute Organic Small Bowel Obstruction
  44. Paralytic Illius
  45. Burning Feet Syndrome
  46. Myxedema
  47. Bubo
  48. Arterio Scelerosis
  49. Wasting Disease
  50. Oedema
  51. Giardiasis
  52. Relapsing Fever
  53. Rubella/ German Measles
  54. Scarlet Fever
  55. Typhus Fever
  56. Corn
  57. Nausea
  58. Smokers’ Ulcer
Anaemia Appendicitis Cirrohsis of Liver Colitis
Constipation Diarrhoea Dysentry Gastritis
Hiatus Hernia Cholestrol Indigestion (Dyspepsia) Intestinal Worms
Jaundice Peptic Ulcer Piles Allergies
Asthma Bronchitis Common Cold Pleurisy
Pneumonia Heart Disease High Blood Pressure Low Blood Pressure
Vericose Veins Cystitis Kidney Stones Nephritis
Prostate Disorders Epilepsy Headaches & Migrain Insomnia
Neuritis Depression Goitre Sinusitis
Tonsillitis Impotency Backache Female Sterility
Habitual Abortion Hysteria Leucorrhoea Menopausal Problems
Menstrual Disorders Metritis Premenstrual Syndrome Prolapse Of The Uterus
Pruritus Vulvae Vaginitis Arthritis Gout
Acne Dandruff Eczyma Hairfall
Leucoderma Pyorrhoea Cataract Conjuctivitis
Defective Vision Glaucoma Diabetes Goitre
Psoriasis Cholera Influenza Malaria
Measles Mumps Tuberculosis Whooping Cough
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