the nature’s very own special way to take care of us


  • Earth or Soil
  • Water
  • Fire or Energy
  • Air
  • Space or Ether


  • Nature is constituted of the five Elements & so also the Human Body.
  • Thus answer to all diseases of the human body lies in the nature and its constituents.
  • The therapy adopted by man to cure himself by using the five elements of nature is called NATUROPATHY.


Naturopathy allows us to lead a healthy life in harmony with nature & not use artificial means to cure ourselves


FASTING                       EXERCISE                         RESTING


  • Rational & Scientific fasting rejuvenates oneself physically, mentally & spiritually
  • Checks premature aging creating a quality of agelessness within oneself
  • As we fast we give rest to our digestive system which subsequently increases our digestive power
  • Fasting conserves our vital power thereby giving us more energy


  • With a 24 hour complete fast weekly, making 52 days a year of body purification and at least three 7 day fasts yearly can keep the rust and cinders from your movable joints and muscles.
  • We should bear in mind it is the debris of metabolism that brings on many of our physical miseries and premature aging
  • A drop in the Vital Force below normal causes all physical and mental problems


  • Fasting without even a trace of water is not good for health
  • Our stomach & intestines are filled with hydrochloric acid, pepsin & many enzymes which are secreted even if we are on fasting which causes damage to our intestine and stomach walls
  • But if we take a glass of water after every one hour these secretions are diluted and thrown out of the body through urine alongwith other toxins


  • On fasting a huge amount of our Vital Force is conserved
  • We have 4 great organs of elimination : bowels, kidneys, lungs and skin, when we eat food all these organs are used to eliminate the body wastes and to make all these eliminative organs to work effectively a high Vital Force is needed
  • A lot of energy is used to digest our food, to pass liquid through the kidneys, to prepare food for the billions of cells by the chemical activities of liver & gall bladder, to purify blood by intaking Oxygen by the lungs & expelling carbondioxide, and to throw off body poisons in the form of sweat by the skin.


  • We are all surrounded by a deadly atmosphere belching smoke, suspended harmful particles, filth and dirt. Our body has to battle out with all the above mentioned poisons.
  • On eating vegetables we also intake a lot of highly poisonous pesticides which are not even broken down by cooking, these poisons slowly and slowly wekens our body making it susceptible to many diseases.
  • It is only thru FASTING that these poisons are eliminated from our body by the Vital Force which should always maintain our body temperature at 98.6 degrees to keep us healthy.


On a ten day fasting a person collected his urine sample each day and after a few days he saw  little crystals forming in the urine, when examined it was found to be filled with traces of DDT, other deadly pesticides residues and toxins.

The same person went for a complete 21 day fasting with water and some liquids, on the 19th day he had a terrible pain in the bladder, when he urinated it felt like red hot water passing out of the body, when examined it was filled with pesticide poisons & toxins and when this poisons passed out of his body he had a great feeling of energy flowing through his body.


  1. Light exercise preffered. Basically the Pranayam – exercise for mind & soul & Yoga – exercise for body.
  1. Pranayams means to control the ‘ pran’, i.e to breath deep as much possible. Our life is not depending upon our age, not depend upon our blood, not on stamina & muscle power. It only depends upon our breath. When a person dies, every says that ” remembered you till his last breath.” The longer we breath, longer will be the age, and by God! a good and healthy life. Our breaths are shorted due to overeating, tension, pollution, etc. reasons. So we have to control our breath first to save us from diseases
  1. Yogasans then comes into existence. When we have made practice to control our breathing, we can easily do yoga, as yoga always depend upon the scientific breathing and intension breathing. We have heard about “Bhisma” who had gift of “Icchha-Mrityu”. It is not only but the control of the breaths.
  1. After all these comes meditation. Meditation is only a concentration. The concentration comes through regular practice of pranayam and yoga. It gives spiritual health to person.
  1. Walking is also an exercise. Walking as much as possible. Take brisk walk. Do not do over exertion. But don’t fear from tiredness. Every one suffers when we are not properly tired. Work does not make man ill. Always be busy.


  1. Resting should be scientific.
  1. Take rest after exercises with Shavasan.
  1. Do not hurry in any work. That is also a resting procedure.
  1. After Lunch, take rest for 10 minutes in Vajrasan, 15 minutes in lying down in left side & then 15 minutes in right side. After that one can lie down straight for 10 minutes with giving eye a smoothening rose water 2 drops in each eye.
  1. After dinner walk for half an hour (easy walk) and then do meditation for 15 minutes on the bed & then go to sleep.
  1. Give rest to your digestive system too. D one fast in every week. Take one time food once a week and at the time of eating do not over-eat. We do injustice with our body by over-eating. Under eating makes man fit, whereas over-eating makes us ill. Have a minimum 6-hour gap between two eating. Eat ½ of hunger. Have a place for ¼ th part air & ¼ th part water in stomach.
  1. Give rest to your mouth once in a week by ‘Maunvrata’.
  1. Give rest to your eyes once a day by palming.


Cereals 200 gm. Protein 66 gm.
Pulses 70 gm. Fat 50 gm.
Leafy vegetables 100 gm. Carbohydrate 430 gm.
Vegetables 80 gm. Calorie 430 IU
Fruit 57 gm. Calcium 0.8 gm.
Milk 170 gm. Phosphorus 1.4 gm.
Oil 28 gm. Iron 40 mg.
Vitamin A 960 mg.
Vitamin B 1.8 mg.
Vitamin C 200 mg.

Total Calorie Needed

Woman – 1400

Man – 1800

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