Nature’s Way


Man has forgotten the importance of Natural laws. The life today has become more strenuous than ever before. The atmosphere around is polluted and the people are leading a hurried and worried life wrong living habits. Irregular daily routine. Improper dietary habits, lack of exercise, includingin excessive and indiscriminative medication even for minor health problems, are the causes of the disease. As such one should know the importance of Natural healing.

Natural treatments should be used to prevent and cure diseases and to promote health. The multi-disciplinary approach is based on diagnosis by a qualified and dedicated doctor. The modern treatment equipments & Treatments include Enema, Mud packs, steam and sauna bath, spinal, hip, Immersion and jet baths, different kinds of hot and cold body packs, scientific herbal oil massage, Acupressure and reflexology, traditional and modern magnetic treatments and a well physiotherapy.

Diet is a very important aspect of Nature Cure.  The importance is given on fruits, fresh vegetables, pulses, nuts, milk and natural food. The food should be wholesome, balanced and vegetarian which consists of balanced proteins. Vitamins, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and served at a clean and cheerful dining hall.

To cope up with stress and strains faced in day to day life, to increase the immune power of the body and mind one should practice yogic procedures. One hour yoga practice from 5- 00 am to 6-00 am should include Meditation. Yogic exercises, Asanas, Pranayams, Kriyas like Nethi, Douthi, Vamana, Bhasthi, to cleanse the body, and special asansas  according to health problems.

Nature Cure and Accepted Science of Healing

The modern medical science has made marvelous advancements in the diagnostic techniques , medical arrangements, surgical treatments in some of the most difficult health problems of man. The life expectancy of man has improved two folds compared to what it was four decades ago, but the quality of health right from the age 30 has definitely deteriorated, it can be seen from the fact that there is a steep increase in the incidence of chronic health problems in the people of younger age group, the main cause is the modern medical system treats only the grosser physical aspect but not the subtler mind.

The man forgotten the importance of Natural Laws, he is violating the natural laws in every aspect and every manner in everywhere. The life today has become more strenuous than ever before. The atmosphere around us is polluted, the people are leading hurried and worried life, the cause of every disease is the imbalance between the body and mind. Wrong living habits, we do not take sufficient care of our mind and body which are in tension due to stress and strain of modern life. Irregular daily routine, improper dietery habits, lack of exercise, indulging in excessive indiscriminative medication for even minor health problems, indulging in excessive sex, poor elimination of body wastes, suppressive and destructive emotions, reduces power of defense mechanism in the body. Hence one should go for natural healing.

Naturopathy :The history of naturopathy is as old as man kind. Mother nature, nature created, maintaining and nursing us. So she must be able to heal. This system is a multidisciplinary treatment system with the constructive principles of nature, that uses the natural resources to help the body to heal itself. The prime elements used are “Five great elements” i.e., Earth, Water, Sun, Air, and Ether. Nature cure underlines importance of three namely treatments, diet and yoga.

a)Treatment:It is a rejuvenative, detoxification, preventive and curative system of medical science which greets all variety of people to getcured of their diseases. It is preceded by detailed consultation, followed by prescription of wide range of remedies, many of which must be integrated in to individuals life style for lasting health. It generally follows a multidisciplinary approach highly flexible. In the early stages recommendation often includes enema, detoxifying fasts, dietary changes, yogic exercise, body massages, saunas, streams, baths like hip, spinal arm foot bath, cold and hot compression, wet packs, sponge baths, muds treatments like full mud baths abdominal and eye packs, local mud packs, magnetotherapy, exercisetherapy includes the instruments to tone all muscles of the body, electrotherapy includes s.w.d ultrasound. Faradic and galvanic current, eft and acupunture and reflexology.

b) Diet : the physical and mental health depends upon the typr of food one take. “We are what we eat.”, you show me what you eate” and “I will tell you who you are”, nutrients is needed.

Naturopathy advices, balanced diet which consist of cereals, pulses, nuts, fresh vegetables, fruits, milk and other natural food items. The food should be moderate, should be taken at regular intervals, should be chewed properly. The wholesome diet should consist of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, mineral salts and fibres. One should consume more digested and effective in some diseases like diabetes, high colesterol, constipation, overweight.

c) Yoga:Health is defined as a state of well being in physical, mental, moral, emotional and spritual planes of being. Various treatment in naturopathy treats the physical aspect of body but the mental, emotional and spritual health is attained by the practice of yoga.

Yoga also helps to improve overall personality, the thought process, way of action. It also ephasises on self realization of self actualization, the necessity of unconditional love, compassion, selfless action, truth, non-violence, moderation in sex, cleanliness, detachment and complete surrender to super being.

One should learn to cope up with the stress, faced in day to day life. Stress is due to suppression or expression of thought process, but to lead an happy life. Thought should be sublimated, this can be done by pranayams, meditation, self realization, stress relieving techniques. Some body cleansing procedures. Hence nature cure has become, complete holistic and most effective medical science.

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