Home Remedies

  • Ajowan (Ajowain)

Uses : This is a very good digestive. It has antispasmodic properties. It is useful in dyspepsia, diarrhoea, flatulence, vomiting of cholera.

  • Alum (Phitkari)

Uses : * A powerful astringent. * Stops bleeding from the gums. * As an ingredient in tooth powder. * As a gargle for sore throat. * As an application for the eyes in conjunctivitis. * As a wash for sore nipples. * During rainy season when the water is dirty and full of sediments, take a big piece of alum and stir the water 5 to 6 times, within 10 or 15 minutes the water will become clear. * Alim tablet as after shaving. Removes pimples and freckles on the face and renders the skin smooth and glossy. Used in diarrhoea and dysentery. * Removes excessive salivation, biliousness, vomiting, constipation, giddiness, spermatorrhoea, internal heat of the body, the brain and head will be cooled. * Apply a small quantity of Amla oil to the head before bath. It will cool the head and the brain and removes 96 diseases of the eye, night- blindness and bilious giddiness.

  • Arakai Keera

Uses : Leaves are used as a vegetable. * It will increase the semen and sexual vigour.

  • Asafoetida (Hing)

Uses : * Brings out sputum easily and expels wind from the bowels. * Beneficial in flatulence and early stages of diarrhoea or cholera. * It is a stimulant, expectorant, antispasmodic, laxative and carminative. * Make a paste of asafoeda with a little water and apply it over the part stung by scorpion to vanish the pain.

  • Aswagandha (Aswagandha)

Uses : * In Rheumatism, eczema, anemia, dropsy, fever, swelling, debility, etc. * Increases the Jataragni or gastric fire and so is an appetizer. * Aswagandha Cchoorna (mix Aswagandha powder 30 grains and honey – 1 teaspoonful) taken twice daily which is useful in cough, rheumatism, dyspepsia, corpulence or obsity, swelling of body, debility, etc. and gives strength and vigour and increases semen.

  • Barley (Jau)

Uses : * Rich in mineral matters. * Nutritive food and highly beneficial for the anemic and the nervous on account of its richness in iron and phosphorous. * Sattwic food. * Barley water is useful in dysentry, typhoid, fevers, diarrhoea, urinary diseases of the kidneys. * It is soothing and cooling. *Removes burning sensation in the urine and helps the free flow of urine.

  • Bel Fruit (Bel)

Uses : The ripe fruit is laxative, aromatic and cooling. The half-ripe fruit is the best. The unripe or the half-ripe fruit is astringent, digestive and stomachic. Useful in scurvy.

  • Betel Leaf (Pan)

Uses : In cough, difficult breathing, warm the betel leaves and smear them with gingily of castor oil and apply them in layers over the chest. * Betel juice mixed with a little lime can be applied to the throat externally in sore throat. * Instill 2 or 3 drops of betel leaf juice into the nose for heaviness of head or headache. Put 2 or 3 drops into ears for ear-ache. * For lung disease mix Betel leaf juice-1/2ts, fresh ginger juice-1/2ts and honey-1ts and take the mixture twice daily. * For cough and sputum take a mixture of Betel juice-1ts and Golochan-2grains.

  • Betel Nut (Supari)

Uses : Astringent, carminative, stimulant and vermifuge. * In diarrhoea due to indigestion, diseases that are associated with urine worms in the bowels, diseasesof teeth and gums.

  • Black Pepper (Kali mirchi )

Uses : Carminative, antiperiodic, counter-irritant, rubefacient, stimulant, resolvant, Stomachic and anti-vata or anti-reumatic. * Useful in malaria, fever with rigor, ascites, cough, chronic diarrhoea, gastric catarrh, reumatism, nausea, anorexia, piles, epilepsy gonnorrhoea, spermatorrhoea, paralysis, pain in the ear, indigestion and jaundice and jaundice. * Pepper Infusion (Black pepper powder-2ts boiled in 20 ounces of water) is useful in stimulating gargle in relaxed sore throat, harshness of voice, ulcer throat. * Pepper mixed with Tulsi leaves, a little dried ginger and sugar is useful in malaria. * Pepper powder-60 grains, and salt-60 grains, rub well. Apply to the parts in the head which are eaten by the worms. Hair will grow.

  • Butter Milk (Matha)

Uses : It hads excellent medicinal qualities. * It is astringent, light, cooling appetizing, nutritive and tonic. * Useful in dyspepsia, digestive trouble etc. * Boiled rice and buttermilk is useful in diarrhea, dysentry, piles, dropsy, mexcessive thrist and burning in urine. * Increases digestive fire. * Cold rice and buttermilk removes burning in the body, biliousness. * Gives good sleep.

  • Camphor (Kappur)

Uses : Two grains can be dissolved in milk and given immediately in shock or collapse, it stimulates the heart. * It is an antiseptic and destroys worms in the caries teeth. The socket or the hole must be filled with powdered camphor and is used in spongy gums. * For pains, dissolve a few grains in mustard oil and expose the oil to the sun for sometime and use it in rheumatism, muscular pain lumbago, sprains, stiffness of joints, contusion etc. * It is anti-spasmodic and so it is useful in spasms of asthma and in chronic bronchitis. * Two or three grains can be taken in hot milk at bedtimes for dysmenorrhoea or difficult menstruation.

  • Caraway Seeds (Safed Jeera)

Uses : * Used in biliousness, anorexia or loss of appetite, pain in the stomach and intestines, asthma, stone. * It gives strength to the body and coolness to the eyes. * Caraway water ( Caraway seeds-6 drachms and boiling water-20 ounces and strain) is a good digestive, useful in indigestion flatulence etc.

  • Cardamom (Elaichi)

Uses: It is a good carminative, stomachic, flavouring agent, stimulant, diuretic and aromatic. * Useful in flatulence or wind in the stomach and bowels, intestinal colic, excessive headache, dryness of mouth, cough, dyspepsia.

  • Cinnamon (Dalchini)

Uses : It is stimulant, astringent, carminative, aphrodisiac and tonic and heart-stimulant. * Useful in diarrhoea, bronchitis, dysentery, poisoning, dysepsia, cobra poison and fevers. * It cools the body and removes bad odour in mouth. * Useful in excessive menstruation as it contracts the uterus.

  • Cloves (Lavang)

Uses : Dose – 2 to 5 grains. * Clove is a good stimulant, carminative, stomachic and antispasmodic. It is useful in indigestion, colic, flatulence or wind in the bowels, bilious giddiness, diarrhoea, nausea dysentery, sprue, chronic diarroea spermatorrhoea, earache,opacity of cornea. * It stimulates the appetite and aids digestion. * Removes harshness of voice. * Oil of clove is useful in toothache or dental neuralgia, caries tooth. It strengthens the gums. * Make a very fine paste of clove and apply it to the forehead and nose. Heaviness of head and catarrh in the nose will be cured.

  • Coriander Seeds (Dhanya)

Uses : * The seeds are stomachic, carminative, stimulant, diuretic, aromatic and antispasmodic. * It increases semen. * Useful in giddiness and biliousness. * Coriander coffee useful in curing piles.

  • Dried Ginger (Sonth)

Uses : * Useful in lumbago, indigestion, sour belching, nasal catarrh, flatulence, nausea or retching, intestinal colic etc. * Put one or two pinch of powder of dried ginger in hot milk and take. This will remove all rheumatic pains. * Make a paste of this powder with water, heat it and apply to the head. It will relieve headache. Apply it to rehumatic swelling of joints, swelling and pain will subside. * Take Sonth 10 grins, Ajawan 30 gr, Cardamon powder 30 gr. Take one powder after food, twice daily. This is very useful in dyspepsia or indigestion, flatulence and intestinal colic.

  • Edible Hibiscus (Bhindi)

Uses : * There is an abundant, bland, viscid mucilage in this vegetable which possesses valuable emollient and demulcent properties. * The dried fruit may be used where it is not obtainable in fresh state. * It is useful in cough, dysuria or difficulty in passing urine with burning pain, dysentery, gonorrhoea. * Lady’s Finger Decoction (Fresh vegetables cut transversely 3 ounces and water 20 ounces, boil for 20 minutes and strain. Add sugar to taste.). Useful in fevers, cough, irritable state of the bladder and kidneys, gonorrhoea with difficulty in passing urine and scalding pain, dysentery.

  • Fenugreek (Methi)

Uses : * The leaf is regrigerant and laxative. * The seed is diuretic, carminative, demulcent, aphrodisiac, emmenagogue, emmollient and astringent. * Boil the leaves, fry them slightly with a little ghee, add a little cumin seeds and black pepper and salt and eat. It will remove rheumatic pain in the back and waist (lumbago) and other parts of the body. * Methi seeds are useful in diarrhoea, dysentry with mucus and biood, excessive heat in the body, excessive thirst, cough, consumption, gonorrhoea, body-consuming fever in children.

  • Fresh Ginger (Adrakh)

Uses : Put slices of ginger (after removing the skin) in milk when it is heated. This removes rheumatic pains, dyspepsia; wind etc. * Mix equal parts of fresh ginger juice, fresh lemon juice and honey. Take 2 or 3 tablespoonfuls in the early morning in empty stomach. This will remove dyspepsia, or biliousness, purify the blood, stop bleeding from the gums and stimulate digestion.

  • Garlic (Lasan)

Uses : Carminative, stomachic, tonic, alternative, stimulant, expectorant, diuretic and anthelmetic. It expels wind from the bowels, invigorates the stomach, tones the system, expels sputum readily by liquifying it, increases the secretion and flow of urine and kills thread and round worms in the bowels. * Useful in deafness, ear-ache, chronic bronchitis, asthma, consumption, shok or collapsem dysentery, piles, fever, debility, etc. in the bowels. * Make a paste of garlic with water and apply to small boils, chronic inflamation, and swelling. * Used as a lotion for washing infected woundsand foul ulcers. Garlic juice one part with water 8 parts makes a good antiseptic lotion. * Useful in Pneumonia, give 30 drops of juice thrice daily. It is serviceable in whooping cough, reduces blood pressure in an effective manner. * Give a teaspoonful of the juice every four hours in early cases of typhoid. * Garlic confection is taken by women after a delivery, it is a tonic for them.

  • Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Uses : * Binda, wife of Sankhachuda was favoured by Lord Krishna and transferred in this herb. * The leaf checks the formation of sputum in the respiratory passages. Beneficial in bronchitis, pneumonia, whooping cough, influenza,m consumption and asthma. * Useful in all kinds of insect bites.

  • Honey (Shahad)

Uses : It contains mainly glucose and laevulose. It is a laxative, relives dryness of the mouth and facilitates swalling. * Mel Borax (Powder borax-10 parts, Purified honey -90 parts) useful in ulcers in the mouth, tongue, and nipples of nursing mother. * 2 tablespoonfuls of lemon juice and 1 ounce of water is a beautiful drink in the early morning. * Useful in burns and scalds.

  • Jatamanji (Jatamashi )

Uses : * It is a good stimulant, digestive, carminative, diuretic, expectorant and a good antispasmodic and nervine tonic for hysteria, chorea, convulsion and epilepsy, diseases of the eye, asthma etc. * Apply oil of Jatamanji to the hair daily, the grey hairs will become black.

  • Lawsonia Alba (Mehendi)

Uses : * The leaves are used by the ladies for staining the nails and palms. It gives beauty and also prevents all diseases of the nails. * Leaves are useful in the feet, sprain, contusion, rheumatism of the joints. * Keep the flowers underneath the pillow when you go to sleep. You will get sound sleep. The heat of the body will disappear. * The leaves purify sulphur. The bark is used in turning copper into an oxide.

  • Lime Fruit (Nimbu)

Uses : * Purifies blood. * For spongy gums, 3 ounces of fresh juice should be taken twice daily. It prevent scurvy. * Useful in earache, eye-diseases. * Before going to bed apply the juice to the body, this will afford protection from the bites of mosquitoes and also relives the irritation caused by the bites of mosquitoes.

  • Linseed (Halim, Chansar, Ulsi)

Uses : * The leaf has stimulant and diuretic properties. The flower has tonic properties. The seed is alternative, aperient, aphrodisiac, carminative, demulcent, diuretic, emmenagogue and galactagogue. * The Flower and leaf give strength to the weak body. * The seed is useful in dyspepsia, mucous dysentery, swelling or congestion of liver, flatulence, hiccough cough, piles. * It increases semen, removes the internal heat of the body, increases the flow of milk in nursing mothers.

  • Mint (Pudinah)

Uses: * Astringent, refrigirent, stomachic, diuretic, stimulant, carminative & antispasmodic. * Useful in anorexia or loss of appetite and diarrhoea. * The whole plant can be dried and powdered and made use of as tooth powder. * Bind mint across your forehead, to relive you of headache.

  • Moringa (Segva)

Uses : * The leaves removes excessive heat of the body, invigorates the digestive fire and increases the appetite. * The flower removes biliousness and anexoria, cools the eyes and increases and strengthens the semen. The tender fruit (munaga kai in Telugu) is useful in fevers; and the seeds thicken the semen. The semen will become thick like the gum. The gum of this tree is useful in polyuria or excessive urine. It thickens the semen and gives beauty to the body. The flower enters into the composition of Dhatu Pusthi Lehia or confection which invigorates the sexindriya and gives sexual vigor.

  • Mustard (Kaloroi)

Uses : * This is an emetic. A teaspoonful in a glass of warm water can be used as an emetic for a child. A tespoonful can be used for an adult. * Mustard is used for a foot-bath. Place the feet in a bath of hot water to which a tablespoonful of mustard has been added. This will relieve your cold or nasal catarrh. A foot-bath will relieve bleeding from the nose by taking blood away from the head. * Mustard platter is useful in relieving deep pain and severe vomiting.

  • Myrobalan (Har, Harra, Pile Harra, Chhoti Har)

Uses : * Increases gastric fire bestows intellectual vigor, longivity, memory power, nourishes the body; prevents old age and removes excess fat. * Useful in epilepsy, diabetes, insipid nausea, diseases of the heart, Grihini or chronic diarrhoea, eye diseases, asthma, jaundice, leprosy, chronic gastritis, burning in the hands and feet, impotency, ascitis, dropsy of abdomen, enlargement of spleen, salivation, hicough, bronchitis, orchitis, leucoderma, old long standing fevers, phtheses, syphillis, gonorrhoea and fistula.

  • Neem-Margosa (Neem)

Uses : * In malaria it should be given every second hour previous to time at which the attack is expected to return. * Prepare plain decoction with a large quantity of neem leaves, boil till water becomes golden yellow. Useful for foot bath, in swelling ulcers eczema and for washing unhealthy ulcers, itch or scrabies leprotic ulcers etc.

  • Nutmeg (Jaephal )

Uses : * Stimulant, carminative, narcotic, aromatic, aphrodisiac and tonic. * Nutmeg in large doses is a narcotic so some care is necessary in its use. * Useful in spermatorrhoea, headache, asthma, cough, intestinal colic, flatulence, indigestion, dull gastric fire. It is taken along with betal.

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