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When the magnetic Flux pass through a tissue, a secondary current is created around the magnetic lines of force in the tissue cells, which ionizes the Protoplasm and regenerates the tissue by activating the metabolism and incised wounds have healed up promptly through the treatment of Magnet.

Methods of Magnetic Treatment

Method No. 1 :-  North Pole under the palm of right hand and south pole under the palm of the left hand, used for treating ailments of the upper extremity of the body, like, arthritis of hands.

Method No. 2 :-  North Pole under the palm of the right hand and South Pole under the palm of left foot. This diagonal application benefits lever, spleen, stomach and intestines. It has a curative effect on the digestive system and cures gastric and other abdominal troubles.

Method No. 3 :-  North Pole under the palm of the left hand and South pole under the side of the left foot for treating the left sided ailments like paralysis, polio, pains in the left side, general weakness, etc.

Method No. 4 :-  North pole under the palm of the right hand and south pole under the side of the right foot for treating the right sided ailments.

Method No. 5 :-  North pole under the sole of the right foot and south pole under the sole of the left foot for the ailments of the lower parts of the body including arthritis of feet and ankles, gout, irregular or low circulation of blood in the legs, etc.

Application of Magnets in the treatment of Common Diseases

Ready Reckoner

Sl. No.


Method to be applied

Remarks (M.W. stands for magnetized water)

1 Abscess, Boils, Cancer, Carbuncles 1 or 5 Method 1, if disease is in upper part of the body; Method 5 if in lower part.Local treatment, with North pole should be carried out in the spot of eruption.
2 Anaemia 1 M.W. should be given to regulate & strengthen the normal function of the liver.
3 Arthritis 1 & 5 Alternately on alternate days or morning & evening. Time may be increased gradually to 30 mins. In each sitting. M.W. will also help. Treatment should be continued for a long time.
4 Asthma 1 Middle or high power Magnets for 10 mins. M.W. to be given daily. Treatment should for a long time. 
5 Blood Pressure (High or Low) 1 In high B.P., treatment may be 5 mins. Wet cloth pad may be applied to the lowest part of the spinal cord, if B.P. goes vary high.In low B.P., treatment may be given upto 15-20 mins. And one strong magnet may also be applied to the lower part of the spinal cord and M.W. should be given several times daily.
6 Bronchitis (Branchopneumonia) 1 Treatment to be started with mins. Daily and time to be increased gradually upto 10 mins. M.W. should be given. See Asthma too.
7 Constipation 2 The diagonal magnetic effect removes constipation in due course of time. M.W. must be given several times a day.
8 Cough (Dry or Wet) 1 Small magnets may also be applied locally on the throat.
9 Corns in feet 5 M.W. of the north pole will help.
10 Cuts 1 & 5 Local treatment also with North pole on the affected part.
11 Dandruff 1 North pole of small magnets may also be applied on the head.
12 Diabetes 1 If no benefit is felt in a few months, North pole on the pancreas and South pole behind it on the back. M.W. will help. Treatment for a long time.
13 Diarrhoea & Dysentry 1 M.W. every two hours. Local treatment also, if pain is there.
14 Eczema, Herpes 1 & 5 See Abscess. If weeping, a handkerchief may be kept in the spot and magnet applied on that.
15 Facial paralysis Special Strong or medium-powered magnets may be applied on the affected side of the face twice daily for 15 mins. Each time & M.W. should be given.
16 Falling & graying of hairs 1 Low-powered magnets should also be applied on the hair, both the temples. M.W. given& use of soap should be avoided.
17 Fistula 5 North pole of a small magnet may also be applied or tied to the point of fistula, if possible. M.W. should be given.
18 Gall stones 1 North pole on liver region. M.W. must be given to drink several times a day. Local treatment for pain, if any.
19 Gout 1 & 5 Method 1 or 5 according to location, or alternately on alternate days or in the morning and evening. Treatment may be given twice daily & should be continued for a long time. M.W. is necessary. 
20 Gums – bleeding Special Low-powered magnets may be applied on the affected teeth, outside the mouth. 
21 Headache (different types) According to Cause (i)            If due to indigestion, method 1 & M.W.(ii)           If due to toxemia:

  1. Jaundice – method 1
  2. Nephritis – method 5
  3. Sinusitis – ceramic magnets on nose.
  4. Tonsillitis – magnets on throat.

(iii)         If due to fever, method 1 & M.W. every 2 hours.

(iv)          If due to ear trouble, treatment as for ear trouble

(v)           If due to eye trouble, treatment as for eyes.

(vi)          If due to mental strain, worry; method 1 for 15-20 mins & M.W.

22 Heart trouble (Angina, palpitation, Sinking, Weakness) 1 A small Magnet may also be applied near the trouble for 5 min only & its effect may be watched. Strong magnets should not be applied on the heart & head.
23 Hernia 1 Local treatment with South pole is necessary with M.W.
24 Hyperacidity 1 & 2 Local treatment with both poles & M.W. advisable.
25 Increasing height Special North pole of cresent-type magnet on forehead & South pole on back of head. Next day, North pole may be shifted to above right ear & South pole above the left ear.
26 Jaundice 1 M.W. & Local treatment with small or MP magnets is advisable. Papaya, radish & cane juice are beneficial.
27 Kidney (Renal colic) 1 Local treatment is a MUST & M.W. will help free urination.
28 Liver enlargement 1 Small South pole magnet & M.W.
29 Lumbago 5 One strong magnet (South pole) may be applied on the painful spot too.
30 Migrain 1 Low-powered magnets over the eyebrows or on the temples too.
31 Obesity 1 & 5 Four strong magnets may be applied simultaneously & their effect may be watched or two magnets may be applied first under palms & then under soles. Diet should be restricted. Fat should be avoided & M.W. should be given.
32 Paralysis 1 & 5 Alternately on alternate days. If only on right side of the whole body – method 4 & if only on left side of the whole body – method 3. time may be increased gradually upto 30 min or treatment may be given daily upto 15 min each time. M.W. regularly.
33 Piles (Haenorrhioids) 5 M.W. given continuously. Patient may sit over a pair of Strong Magnet.
34 Rheumatism 1 & 5 See paralysis.
35 Sciatica 5 Local treatment on painful portion. Alternatively, apply North pole on the affected hip & South pole under the relevant foot.
36 Sexual Weakness (Males) 5 Also apply North pole below the naval & South pole below it, above the male organ. Patient may also sit over the magnets keeping them side by side.
37 Syphillis & Gonorrhea 5 M.W. mixed with equal quantity of simple water may help.
38 Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis 1 Local treatment on throat also. Cresent-type magnets may be used. Cold & Sour things should be avoided.
39 Ulcers in abdomen, Duodenal 5 M.W. given every 2 hours. Chillies should be avoided. Local application will help.
40 Vomiting 1 M.W. every half an hour.
41 Amenorrhoea (Late/ Scant menses) 5 M.W. advisable. Treatment for long time.
42 Labour pains (or after pains) 1 Local treatment will be beneficial. M.W. advisable.
43 Menopause (Troubles of) 5 See Amenorrhoea.
44 Wind in stomach 1 Ceramic Magnet may be applied on abdomen & M.W. should be given.
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