Distant or Absentee Healing

Distant or Absentee Healing process can be completed in two steps: one is to make a relation with the person by the person’s name, sign, photo, writing & second is to send Reiki to the targeted person.


This process includes few symbols, by which the Reiki Channel makes a relation with the person, who is very far from him and after that he removes obstructions and at last he increases power to get rid of from the disease.


The relation can be made by photo, on which Reiki Channel makes distant healing symbols.


He may use Reiki Box, in which he writes the purpose of Reiki sending and make symbols in his/ her mind to make a relation between him & the person.


It is advisable that the person on which Absentee Healing should be done, he must know about the fact and therefore he may be prepared for that on the pre-decided time. However, it is not compulsory to know the fact by the person, as Reiki is although effective if Reiki is given without the knowledge; but the process is very slow.

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