Energy Transfer Exercise

Reiki Healing:


After learning Second Degree Reiki and practicing Reiki for 21 days, it is possible that either you can have an acute pain in back, i.e., in back side of Swadhisthan Chakra & Mooladhar Chakra; or you may have a great sexual feeling. It is possible only when you have the experience of ‘Kundalini’ and the energy creates the pain or sex. At this time, if you don’t want to enjoy the worldly things & happiness, then do as follows to transfer your energy to higher morale spirituality.

  1. Lie down as usual and raise your knees touched with each other and keep legs open. Keep your palms open and straight and close your eyes.

Energy transfer1

  1. Take deep breathe twelve times and imagine that one tennis size circle, half black and half white, is between your head (between two ears). That is sexual feeling.

Energy transfer2

  1. Again breathing twelve times, imagine that your sexual organs are of dark blue colours.

Energy transfer3

  1. Breathing twelve times again, imagine that the colours from the sexual organs are coming to your backside of the head. These are sexual feelings transferred to spiritual feelings.

Energy transfer4

Energy transfer5


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