How Reiki is Learnt?

Reiki Healing:


The key to Reiki is its simplicity. The real difference is the attunements (also known as initiation) process, which the student experiences in the various levels of Reiki classes. During the first-degree seminar (approx. 12-20 hours) spread over a period of 2 days, a series of four attunements are given by a Traditional Reiki Master. In the process, certain energy centers, also known as Chakras, are opened to enable the person to channel (and vibrate) higher amount of Universal Life Force Energy.After this, one can lay his/ her hands on another person and help accelerate the healing process by transferring Reiki. The other person draws in just the right amount of this life force energy through the hands of a Reiki Channel that he/ she needs to release, activate or transform the energy of the physical, mental and etheric bodies. Reiki is a natural system of great simplicity, since nothing other than your hands are required to carry it out, where other forms of therapy may demand months and years of training for the practitioner.

The Usui method of natural healing, as taught by Hawayo Takata, involves three levels or degrees. As soon as a practitioner has been initiated, the healing energy begins to flow. Level 1 Reiki connects the practitioner to the Reiki Channel. Level II Reiki teaches the practitioner long distance or remote healing, and Level III Reiki initiates the practitioner to become a Reiki Master and teacher. Each level requires its own set of attunements. Reiki initiations are for life.

Reiki attunements cause changes to which the practitioner needs time to adjust. There are many things to consider when choosing a Reiki Master to train with. If possible, experience a healing from a student of any Reiki Master you are considering to evaluate how well they can transfer the skill. Listen to your intuition, and train with a Reiki Master you feel in harmony with.


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