Time-Line Therapy

Reiki Healing:


Time-Line Therapy is a specific technique using the age-old concept that we store our life experiences linearly.The major techniques in Time-Line Therapy are:

  • Eliciting the Time Line
  • Discovering the Root Cause
  • Releasing a Negative Emotion (anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, etc.)
  • Removing a Limiting Decision
  • Changing the direction/Location of the Time Line
  • Creating Future

Time-Line Therapy techniques are an excellent form of brief therapy. An overview of the technique is:

  • Take a detailed personal history. The more you know about the other person, the more in-depth your intervention can be.
  • Set up the intervention.
  • Discover how the person organizes time.
  • Have the person float above the time line.
  • Note the sub modalities of the time line.
  • Before floating above the time line, elicit the root cause.
  • Release the negative emotion or limiting decision.
  • When releasing a negative emotion or limiting decision, always preserve the learnings.
  • Release the emotions or eliminate the limiting decisions ¾ make the necessary changes to memory.

Parts Reframes

Parts reframes are one technique to assist a person in releasing negative emotions. The reframes can be based upon learning, protections or safety, and on prime directives. Here are some examples of these parts reframes:

Learning: “What is there to have learned form this event, the learning of which will allow you to easily let go of the emotions? Won’t it be better to preserve the learnings than the emotions? But, if you let go of the emotions and preserve the learnings, you will have learned what you needed.”

Protection/Safety: “The negative emotion of _______________ doesn’t protect you.” (If you are working with fear or anger, mention flight or fight.) “In fact, negative emotions aren’t safe for the body. Each negative emotion can contribute to the following types of health problems:

Anger, heart attack, sadness, weakened immune system, depression, fear     excessive stress, phobia, guilt, lowered healing energy, conflict, cancer.

“Won’t you be a lot safer if you let goof the emotions and preserve the learnings about taking care of yourself?”

Prime Directives: “Not letting go of this emotion is in direct conflict with the highest Prime Directive of the unconscious mind, which is, ‘To preserve the body.’ This emotion, though getting results, does not preserve the body; it hurts the body. Wouldn’t it be better to let go of the repressed emotion and get the same results some other way?”

Why the Emotions Disappear

There are three reasons why the emotions disappear.

The first is psychological. All emotions require time to express their meaning, so a switching the temporal perspective reframes the emotion, and it disappears.

The second reason is metaphysical. There is only one real emotion on the planet — love. All the negative emotions are derivatives of fear and are an illusion, so a switch in the temporal perspective shows the emotion to be the illusion it is, and it disappears.

The third reason is quantum physics. Position #3 is the non-mirror image reverse of the way the emotion is held in “now.” So position #3 is the multi-dimensional neurological opposite of “now.” What happens is that this position acts like anti-matter, and the neurological boundaries of the emotion in the body gets blown away — they disappear.


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