Reiki Positions

Reiki Positions For Treatment of Self & Others

The first thing is to create attitude for gratitude and speak the following sentences silently.

  1. I thank myself (with name).
  2. I thank God, who has given me the power of Reiki.
  3. I thank Reiki.
  4. I thank my partner/ patient (with name).
  5. I thank my Guru (with name).
  6. I thank Dr. Mikao Usui, who rediscovered Reiki for betterment of society.
  7. I thank my parents.
  8. I thank mankind.

The Reiki Positions are as follows:

Position1 Position2 Position3 Position4 Position5 Position6 Position7 Position8 Position9 Position10 Position11 Position12 Position13 Position14 Position15 Position16 Position17 Position18 Position19 Position20 Position21 Position22 Position23 Position24

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