Some Basic Reiki precepts

“Reiki is simple. Reiki is doing what’s natural !”

“Hands on, Reiki turns on; hands off, Reiki turns off.”

The life force makes no mistakes, and

The power transfers given by a Reiki master lasts your entire life.

“Always use Reiki with common sense.”

“You have to realize that most of us are as well as we want to be.”

“You pick up nothing from the client. Everything goes from you to them.

“Therefore, you do not pick up their complaints.”

“Never, never diagnose or prescribe.”

Simply state what you would to if you had the condition perceived.

“To give Reiki away makes beggars of people.”

“You don’t have to treat every, and you don’t have to feel guilty about it.”

“You are Reiki. God is the source, You are hooked into God.

You are a divine being. Reiki is divine.”

“Once opened there’s no way to shut Reiki off. And why would you?

It is healing, an expression of love.”

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