Reiki Healing:


Listen…become quiet within yourself. Lay your spirit on the wind and fly back through your memory; back through the void of eternities. Feel the coolness of the blue light surrounding you, entering your being, and filling you with awareness and knowledge. This is the beginning. There are no forms; no words; no separateness. We are a part of all; mixed, joined and held. We are wave upon wave of spirit energy light. We are vast and great…we are the creation. Our purpose is to create life, as we know it today. We unjoin. We separate ourselves, and in doing so, we limit our power and depth. Through our eternities, and as ages pass, we become unaware of our beginning and of our greatness.The cycles of birth…recreation…continue over the spaces of time, and we continued to grow and learn and reach, all the while unaware of our true and full potential. Unaware of the power we held when we were joined. In spaces of time, we sometimes glimpse our greatness and seek the time before creation. We catch sight of the fact that in the beginning, we were a part of each other, and no limits or boundaries were known to us.

We can once again experience that ability…that great power. We must be still and search within ourselves. You are the temple. I am just the path… nothing more. But as before time, and through the endless eternities, I am within you and around you always because I was at the beginning with you. Because I know this, I am stronger than before, and the strength is amplified by you.

I can create the space we need…the inner secret, within which is endless time, vast space and aloneness…yet filling this void is life. I will make a pathway through the space to join with you once again. Within this space lies the seed. You do not know the use, yet you have the power. Locked within your memory is the ability to truly listen to what you do not hear and to see what is invisible. We join and leave behind death. For together we create life.


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