Use of Symbols

It is very necessary to know the symbols, if you want to do absentee healing. The Reiki energy is followed by attunements. And after getting the attunement of Distant Healing one should learn the basic symbols of distant healing. These symbols are not an exercise or not a process. It is the attunement by which Reiki Channel joins himself and his partner with the Universal Life Force Energy.


No symbol is required in First Degree of Reiki. But in the Second Degree there are three symbols, which are used to exercise distant healing. The symbols are:


  1. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
  2. Sei He Ki
  3. Cho Ku Rei


In third degree of Reiki, there are few symbols to acheive a master degree. One can teach Reiki, if only he has learnt the Third Degree Reiki Course. Few symbols in this degree are:

  1. Dai Ko Myo                        2.  Om

3.  Meloong                            4.  Raku, etc.


After being a Reiki Channel, the Third Eye Chakra (Agya Chakra) becomes too much powerful; and sitting in one corner of the world, one can treat or send Reiki to the person sitting in another corner of the world.

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