Reiki Healing:


First treat yourself. You are Reiki and can be in as perfect of health as your ego will allow yourself to express.Next, treat family members. Normally the family unit will have provided you with many benefits, and transmitting the health of Reiki is an excellent way to complete the exchange.

Third, consider treating anyone who asks. Asking is important. Because Reiki is a system based on intent, the prospective client should express his intent for health by requesting the treatment.

Naturally, if the person is in coma, or an infant, or someone whose family asks for the healing or someone for whom you are responsible, it is appropriate to do Reiki.

By stating in your mind, “You are free to accept or reject this healing as your will”, you release the will of the client and do not impose your will upon them.

Be cautious in treating an accident victim you don’t know. In that case it is legally advisable not to say anything about your healing ability.

Simply attempt to administer Reiki in an inconspicuous manner – which fortunately is very easy with Reiki.

Speaking of infants, don’t thing babies – even foetus – are too young to receive treatments.

Reiki just work zing-O on babies. They have no barriers whatsoever. They are wide open to god’s love. And that’s what healing is: God loving us.

Person hospitalized or under conventional medical care can also be treated with Reiki.

If the patient takes medication, instruct him to regularly consult with his physician because as Reiki rebalances his body the prescribed dosage might have to be lessened to avoid overdoses.

Do not diagnose illnesses and prescribe medicines however, unless you are an Doctor. Suggest rather than direct, simply state what you do if you had the condition perceived, giving the patient the responsibility to assess its merits for himself.

It is also important to remember that you should never feel forced or obliged to heal someone, or guilty for not taking the time to heal whenever and wherever requested.

Don’t forget pets, animals and plants, either. They have universal life energy and Reiki works for them too.

The big bonus with Reiki is that when you are treating someone else you are receiving a healing at the same time.

One is never tired nor depleted after giving a treatment since we are using Universal life energy, not of our own.

While healing is generally thought of in terms of living creatures, this universal life energy prevails in all creation.

Therefore, you can consider applying Reiki in some rather unorthodox healing situations, “WHAT” to treat can become as vital a consideration as “WHO” to treat.


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