Scientific Facts About Vaastu

The seers have devised out and developed the principles of Vaastu Shastra purely on the basis of scientific knowledge

acquired through their super sensual perceptions and assiduous self application (“Tapobal”). Our modern science has managed to get a glimpse of this knowledge. It is evident that the sages had very deep and thorough knowledge of cosmic forces and their subtle effects.

Sages had knowledge the existence of various forces of nature long before they were discovered by various scientists. The mention of these forces is found in various “Richas” of the Vedas. The gravitational and magnetic effect of the earth was already known to the sages. The points of Cosmic energy and their effects were also known well before they were discovered by scientists.

Besides other factors (Physical, meteorological, biological and ecological, etc.) Vaastu Shastra takes into account the grid of energy lines emanating from the surface of the Earth and circumscribing the globe. These grid lines are later scientifically discovered by the German physician Dr. Ernest Hartmann.

From the measurement of the radiations emanating from the surface of the earth by Swiss Geobiologist, Blanche Merz, it is evident that favorable power points of highest vibration rate can be built or amplified by resting on four specifications – Orientation, strong radioactivity, vertical strata and an absence of all disturbing Hartmann intersections in the interiors of a dwelling place. In the light of these principles, one can appreciate the importance of Brahma Sthala which is very much emphasized in Vaastu Shastra.

An astonishing aspect of the studies above is that the unfavorable energy zones can be converted into favorable one by giving a particular architectural shape to the buildings under construction. A close study of the above signifies the various shapes given to ancient Hindu temples and the shape of their domes.

Vaastu Shastra is a combined study of science, art, astronomy and mysticism, etc. and also deals with the influence of climatic elements like temperature, pressure, wind velocity and direction, sunlight, humidity, radiation and other weather conditions, space, time, dynamics and man’s place in nature. All these forces have a distinct effect on a building and its dwellers. Vaastu Shastra strives at reaching a balance between the human beings and their environment.

Maha-Bhutas are actually the cosmic force and other constitutional vibrations of pre-mordial elements – Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Ether, responsible for various cosmic manifestations. Vaastu Shastra enables the correct placement of men for absorption of maximum of these Bhutas in the most benefic manner. It is used to ensure a balance of the forces and energy for enhanced health, wealth, peace and prosperity.

The emanation of energy from buildings are measurable and the studies of the Swiss Geobiologist revealed that pyramids, dome-shaped temples and mysteriously constructed religious monuments radiated very high levels of energy. This reason has prompted many Vaastu Consultants to state Pyramid – The Panacea.



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