Basics of Vaastu

a) Plot dimensions and orientation.

b) Building layout on the plot.

c) Amenities location on the plot and in the building

a)    The Plot

Its size should be square or rectangular with length less than two times the breadth.
All angles should be of 90 %. If the north east corner angle is less than 90 % as shown in the above diagram then it makes the plot to be more beneficial to the owner.

b) The Building

It should be so located on the plot so as to leave more open space on the northern and eastern parts. All ground or plinth level water bodies such as storage tanks, fountains etc should be placed in the northeastern section.

c)    Amenities Location

Energy producing devices such as transformers and generators should be located in the southeastern section. Overhead water tanks should be in the northeastern section. Septic tanks and toilets should be placed in the north western or southeastern section. Kitchen and eating areas should be located in the southeast.

Heavy machinery should be placed in the southern or western portions of the building. Master bedroom in the residential premises and the office cabins in the business premises should be in the southwest.

The correct use of this science creates a perfect balance between the individual and his environment ensuring prosperity, health and wealth to the individual.

Four magnetic Directions

  • Layouts in Relation To the Four Magnetic Directions i.e North, South, East and West

The use of Vaastusashtra is specific to an individual and involves complex mathematical calculations along with the knowledge of astrology, geometry and philosophy and the purpose for which the construction of the building is required.

Vastusashtra is an ancient Indian science that lays down the guidelines for building layout and demarcation of areas for different activities. It essentially deals with the correct placement of man with respect to its environment to achieve harmony with nature and is based on the influences of the five natural elements; sun, sky, water, earth and air in conjugation with the force exerted by earth’s magnetic fields. Mention of Vaastusashtra has been found in ancient Indian scriptures, which reveal the widespread use of this science of building planning so as to gain in health, wealth prosperity and well being on adherance to this science.

Vaastusashtra gives clear directions as to how a plot of land should be chosen, be it for residential, industrial, educational, commercial or any other purpose and goes further to tells us how the buildings on the plot should be constructed and the various amenities located there in, taking into account the movement of the sun in the skies and suggests.

The use of this science is fast spreading in modern dayIndia, with more and more people paying attention to the principals of Vaastusashtra while planning for their residential and commercial premises.

Principles Of Vaastu

Limitations of Vaastu

General Rules of Vaastu

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